Education, Worker Training, and School Choice

Now more than ever, quality education is vital to success in life. As our economy changes, we must provide the skills and training necessary to prepare today's workers and future generations for new technologies and developing industries.

Congressman McHenry has successfully helped increase federal investment in Western North Carolina's community college system. The Congressman also supports vocational training programs to help enhance workers' skills and marketability. A well-trained and well-educated workforce will help attract new businesses and jobs to Western North Carolina.

The federal government can play a role in education, but schools should be controlled to the greatest degree possible at the local level. Congressman McHenry cosponsored the A PLUS Act, which would allow states to opt out of federal education requirements. The states would then receive their federal education funding as block grants, and use them to tailor educational experiences to local students’ needs, rather than mandates from Washington, D.C.

Congressman McHenry supports innovative education reform ideas, such as charter schools and vouchers, as he believes the government should not be a hindrance to what is best for a child’s education and development. He believes that parents should have the ability to move their child from an under-performing school to an educational institution of their choosing.

He introduced the Empowering Parents to Invest in Choice Act to give parents the opportunity to save for their children's education in the popular 529 and Coverdell tax-free savings accounts. His bill would also help expand access to important educational resources like books, tutors, or special needs services by allowing 529 and Coverdell savings accounts to be used for these purposes.

As a strong supporter of home schooling, McHenry is working to protect the rights of those who wish to teach their children at home.