Financial Services, Jobs, and the Economy

Congressman McHenry is the Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee, which deals with legislation related to banking, insurance, real estate, and other issues. From this position, Congressman McHenry works to protect consumers and business owners from onerous regulations and policies that would hurt their ability to access and grow capital. Congressman McHenry has had multiple bills signed into law to help America’s entrepreneurs and small businesses get access to capital, including: the JOBS Actthe RAISE Actand the Supporting America’s Innovators Act.

One of Congressman McHenry’s top priorities is continuing to help rebuild the economy of western North Carolina. Bad trade deals have led to significant job losses in our region. During his tenure, McHenry has voted against every unfair trade deal that sent American jobs overseas.

As textile, furniture, and other manufacturing jobs have moved away, workers find themselves in need of retraining for a new career field. The North Carolina Community College System is the number one tool we must use to help displaced workers get marketable skills and pursue a new career. Congressman McHenry works closely with local community college officials to see that worker retraining programs are adequately funded. He believes that having a well-trained workforce is necessary to create a business climate that will attract new employers to western North Carolina.

To help spur economic growth and job creation, Congressman McHenry supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which allows western North Carolinians to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and prevents American jobs, corporate headquarters, and research from moving overseas. He has also supported House Republican’s use of the Congressional Review Act to remove overburdensome, job-killing regulations imposed by federal agencies through appropriate legislative review.