Jobs, Economy & Financial Services

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Congressman McHenry’s top prioritiy is helping to rebuild the economy of Western North Carolina.  Bad trade deals have been the cause of the significant job losses experienced in our region over the last 15 years.  Patrick McHenry has voted against every unfair trade deal that sent American jobs overseas.  The National Association of Manufacturers has presented Congressman McHenry with its "Manufacturing Legislative Excellence" Award.

As textile, furniture and other manufacturing jobs have moved away, workers find themselves in need of retraining for a new career field.  The North Carolina Community College System is the number one tool that we have to help displaced workers get marketable skills to pursue a new career. Congressman McHenry works closely with local community college officials to see that worker retraining programs are adequately funded.  He believes that having a well-trained workforce is necessary to create a business climate that will attract new employers to Western North Carolina.

Patrick McHenry supports reforming our tax code to promote investment in American industries. To help spur economic growth and job creation, Congressman McHenry is co-sponsoring bills that permanently repeal the death tax, reform the alternative minimum tax, end frivolous lawsuits, and reform job-killing regulations imposed by federal agencies without appropriate legislative review.

Congressman McHenry is a member of the House Financial Services Committee, which deals with legislation related to banking, insurance and real estate. Congressman McHenry has introduced the Credit Rating Agency Transparency and Disclosure Act to improve the integrity and accuracy of credit rating agencies who played a significant role in the financial market crisis.  Additionally, he is co-sponsoring Congressman Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act, strenthening oversight and audits of our nation's central bank.

Taxes are also an important factor in job recruitment. Unfortunately, North Carolina’s position as the highest-taxed state in the Southeast puts it at a competitive disadvantage to other states. That is why Congressman McHenry believes that we must work to reduce taxes at all levels of government so that businesses will find our state a more hospitable place to relocate.  Having never voted for a tax increase in his career, Patrick McHenry is contiunally recognized as a "Hero of the Taxpayer" by Americans for Tax Reform. 
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