Press Release

McHenry Introduces Right to Test Act

Yesterday, Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) introduced H.R. 719, the Right to Test Act. This bill will allow individual states to approve and distribute diagnostic tests when the state or federal government has declared a public health emergency.

"Widespread and readily available testing is a crucial tool in battling any future pandemic. As the current health crisis has shown, the American people cannot afford delays," said Congressman McHenry. "Unfortunately, our nation’s current regulatory structure blocks individual states from producing and distributing their own tests during a public health emergency. The Right to Test Act will remove these regulatory barriers, allowing each state to build out their own diagnostic testing capabilities and enable them to more rapidly respond to public health threats."

The Right to Test Act is the House companion to Senate legislation introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). 

“Amid the pandemic, this commonsense bill removes bureaucratic barriers from the diagnostic process and empowers states and healthcare providers to meet patient needs with accessible testing," said Senator Cruz. "As we work to defeat the coronavirus, I will continue to lead the fight for a patient-centered healthcare system for all Americans.”

This legislation will empower states to reduce testing delays and more rapidly respond to the evolving health needs of their communities as they work to curb the spread of COVID-19 or other future health threats. Click here to read the full bill text.