Federal Budget

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The federal budget has been mismanaged for too long.  President Bush did not adequately control non-defense discreationary spending.  Under President Obama, the federal budget is spiraling dangerously out of control.

Believing that government can simply spend its way back to prosperity is dangerously simplistic and misguided.  The President's budget increased taxes by $2.1 trillion yet never balances, and increases total spending by 65% in ten years. 

As a former member of the House Budget Committee, Congressman McHenry supports a fiscally-responsible approach to budgeting.  We should cut, save, and incentivize economic growth instead of the usual tax, spend, and borrow approach.  The budget that Congressman McHenry supported would have held the line on discretionary spending and prioritized investment in projects that truly stimulate economic growth.  That balanced budget did not raise taxes or cut veterans health care and defense programs. Instead, it balances within ten years without raising taxes, calls for a simpler tax code, puts our country on a path to paying off the debt and strengthens Medicare.

The government watchdog group, Citizens Against Government Waste, rates Patrick McHenry as a "Taxpayer Hero." 


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