Congressman Patrick McHenry
January 10, 2021
Congressman McHenry Weekly Update

Upholding My Constitutional Duty

In November 2016, I was proud to have supported President Trump as he shocked the world with his resounding defeat of Hillary Clinton. I was even more proud of what he accomplished after taking office. In the face of a majority of Democrats claiming his presidency was illegitimate and the baseless Mueller probe, President Trump got to work for the American people.

President Trump achieved historic tax cuts, repealed the core of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, fought unfair trade practices of China, and defended our most sacred ally Israel. I supported and worked to pass his agenda every step of the way—voting with President Trump more than any other member of North Carolina’s Congressional delegation. It was his leadership that brought us the best economy of the last 50 years.

While I am proud to have supported President Trump’s agenda and am honored to have worked with him as he accomplished so much, I could not violate the oath I took to to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I also worried about the long-term consequences these actions could have on the Electoral College, which the left has been seeking to eliminate for years.  I have no doubt that activists on the left will use Congress’ votes against legally submitted electors as further evidence for why the Electoral College must be eliminated. Please click here or on the image below to read my full statement on why I decided to uphold my Constitutional responsibilities during the electoral college certification last week. 

Condemning Wednesday's Violence

The Capitol is our nation’s most remarkable building. It is a working monument to our nation’s founding principles and testament to the freedoms we hold dear. A building which—in normal times—all Americans are invited to visit and experience. What happened there last Wednesday was awful. Seeing Capitol Police attacked as mobs forced their way in, was not something I ever expected to see in this country. There is real frustration, but frustration should be expressed through peaceful protest. All Americans must agree that we can never condone violence. Thank you to the law enforcement officers who helped restore order and continue to protect the building.

I have the honor of interacting with U.S. Capitol Police officers everyday I’m in Washington. They are hardworking, professional, and dedicated to their duty protecting the Capitol, its employees, and all who visit. I am heartbroken to learn that one of these officers—Brian Sicknick—lost his life from injuries sustained in the line of duty during Wednesday’s events. Giulia and I join with the rest of the Capitol community in praying for the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Sicknick as they mourn this tragic loss.

Thanking All of Our Law Enforcement

Saturday was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a day to recognize our law enforcement for everything they do to keep our communities safe. Please join me in thanking these brave men and women for their service and dedication to our communities. Let us also take a moment to remember U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Mount Holly Officer Tyler Herndon, and Concord Police Officer Jason Shuping who have all tragically lost their lives recently in the line of duty. Today, and every day, I am thankful for the sacrifices and dedication of law enforcement officers as they work to keep our families safe here in western North Carolina and all across the country. God bless our law enforcement for all you do to protect this great nation.

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