Press Release

McHenry Sends Letter to Governor Cooper on North Carolina's Response to the Border Crisis

The letter emphasizes the need for answers on the impact COVID-19-positive illegal immigrants coming to North Carolina will have on already strained state resources

Today, Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) sent a letter to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to ask how the state government is dealing with COVID-19-positive illegal immigrants that are making their way across the southern border and ultimately traveling to North Carolina. With the stress placed on North Carolina’s public health and medical supplies by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that North Carolinians know how the state government is responding to this dual crisis.

Read the full letter below or by clicking here:

Dear Governor Cooper,

As you know, the pandemic and resulting strain on our public health and medical supplies have been extremely challenging for North Carolinians. COVID-19-positive illegal immigrants making their way across the border and possibly to North Carolina will exacerbate the strain on our already stressed resources. Government transparency for the citizens of North Carolina is critically important during this time. Therefore, I seek a response to the following questions: 

  • Are you aware of illegal immigrants traveling to North Carolina?
    • Does your administration have any agreements with the Biden Administration on accepting and resettling illegal immigrants?
    • If so, are any of these illegal immigrants unaccompanied minor children (UAC)?
      • Have any of these unaccompanied children been placed into foster care or otherwise settled in NC with the knowledge of your administration?
      • If so, where were they settled and at what expense to the taxpayer?
    • Are you tracking influxes to certain counties or localities to ensure that they will not overwhelm scarce resources and healthcare capacity?
  • Are these illegal immigrants being tested for COVID-19 before being placed into our communities?
    • If so, how is your administration ensuring that positive immigrants quarantine for the CDC recommended minimum of 10 days and where are they quarantining?
    • What funds are being used for the testing and housing of quarantined individuals?
  • Does the state's current vaccine distribution plan prioritize lawful residents over illegal immigrants?
    • When are these illegal immigrants eligible for the vaccine in North Carolina?
  • Are these illegal immigrants eligible for any of the $5.3 billion allocated to North Carolina in the recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act?
    • If so, how much and for what purposes?

In the interest of transparency, I request a timely response to these questions. It is imperative North Carolinians understand how our state government is dealing with illegal immigrants coming to our state. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office if you have any questions.


Patrick McHenry
Member of Congress