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McHenry Announces FEMA Disaster Assistance

Assistance granted for Catawba and Lincoln Counties in response to July 27th flooding

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Hickory, October 31, 2013 | Jeff Butler (202-225-2576) | comments
In response to widespread flooding in Catawba and Lincoln Counties, FEMA has issued a disaster declaration for the area.
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Today, Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) announced the issuance by FEMA of a federal disaster declaration for damage caused by flooding in Catawba and Lincoln counties on July 27th of this year. 

The disaster aid was issued following denial of an initial request that was appealed by Governor Pat McCrory.  Congressman McHenry has worked closely with FEMA officials supporting the declaration throughout the application and appeal process.  The aid will be used by the state of North Carolina and local governments to repair roads and other infrastructure that was damaged during the flooding.   

"I am grateful that FEMA reevaluated their initial decision and will be sending this much needed aid to the citizens of Western North Carolina," said Congressman McHenry.  "I would like to thank Governor McCrory and the other state and local officials who worked closely with my office throughout this process to ensure the declaration was granted."         

Following the flooding this summer, Governor McCrory made an initial request to FEMA for disaster aid which was denied.  At the time, FEMA claimed that the damage done by the flooding did not meet the threshold for federal assistance. 

In light of this denial Congressman McHenry coordinated with Governor McCrory, North Carolina Emergency Management, and Catawba County Emergency Management to request FEMA send a team to Western North Carolina to revaluate the storm damage. 

Following the reevaluation, Governor McCrory appealed the FEMA decision.  Accompanying the appeal was a letter of support from Congressman McHenry.  This past Tuesday, President Obama granted the appeal and issued the federal disaster declaration.   

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