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McHenry Speech Against H.R. 810, Which Would Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Destruction

McHenry Speech Against Embryonic Stem Cell Destruction

Congressman McHenry's speech delivered on House Floor opposing federal funding for research on human embryos.
Against HR 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act

I would like to thank the distinguished gentleman for yielding.

We’re here debating H.R. 810, which directs the federal government to spend tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research.

The bill therefore implies that stem cell research is not already going on.

But stem cell research is already alive and well. Adult stem cells are currently being used to treat people, and successfully.

This bill’s approach, however, will remove stem cells from human embryos.

This will kill the embryos.

And whether we like to think about it or not, embryos are human beings.
Every human being begins as a human embryo, and by extracting their stem cells, H.R. 810 will use taxpayer money to kill human life.

We don’t need this approach, Mr. Speaker. Cells from umbilical cord blood and from various types of adult tissue are already being used successfully.

Despite extensive private sector research, the embryonic research mandated by H.R. 810 has not successfully treated a single patient, while adult stem cells have treated over 58 diseases in humans.

The embryonic stem cell research in H.R. 810 destroys human life. We should not destroy life to save life.