McHenry Votes to Repeal ObamaCare (Video Statement)

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Posted by Staff on January 19, 2011
Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) issued the following video statement prior to his vote to repeal the health care law signed by President Obama last year.  H.R. 2, the Repeal the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act, passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 245 to 189.

The opinions expressed below are those of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of this office.
  • Mark Farris DDS commented on 1/19/2011
    Nice work!
  • Mildred Lail commented on 1/19/2011
    I want to thank you very much for listening to us. Mildred Lail
  • Janette Nichols commented on 1/19/2011
    Patrick, I absolutely love the fact that you care enough about the people you represent to let them know what is going on in Washington. Thank you for voting to repeal Obama care. Would it not be better to allow those folks that have been turned down by traditional health insurance companies for health related issues to buy into medicaid/medicare? They should have to pay premiums and co pays, but at least they would have health care. Have you given anymore thought to my suggestion to stop entitlements to children (US Citizens) of illegal parents? The money that could be saved from this could make a big dent in creating jobs in America. Once our economic outlook is better, than transfer some of this money towards paying down the debt. Sincerely, Janette Nichols
  • Eileen Gimblet commented on 1/19/2011
  • Ronald Kirby commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you Congressman McHenry for your vote against ObamaCare. God Bless You, Ronald Kirby
  • Andrea McSwain commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for following through with your promise to try to repeal Obamacare. Please continue to bring it up again and again until it is a thing of the past. Sincerely
  • MaryEllen Barker commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for this great first step. It is just the start of a battle that must be fought to repeal the obnoxious hyper-government put in place by the Democrats. I know you are up to the challenge. Again, thank you and God bless you.
  • Ivan Jones commented on 1/19/2011
    Great job, but don't stop with Obama care. Let's get rid of those regulatory agencies beginning with Obama's pet the E.P.A. and others that cost this country a fortune and destroy jobs.
  • Joanna Robbins commented on 1/19/2011
    Good job! We have learned we can count on you to keep your promises. And we genuinely appreciate your service.
  • Amy Vargas commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for your vote.
  • James Buckner commented on 1/19/2011
    A very good vote and a very good explanation of the bill to repeal the Health Care Law Act. Thanks very much.
  • Geraldine Gibson commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for voting to repel the Obamacare Health Bill. Looking forward to the replacement parts that the GOP will be presenting.
  • Joseph Bennett commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you congressman. That's why I voted for you. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting the good fight. The Bennett household is very proud to call you our Representative. Joe.
  • Matt Miller commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for the video which shows you are taking steps to reach out to your constituents. What alternative health care bill are you supporting? What is being done to eliminate the fraud that goes on in health care and wastes our money? How is the gov't incentivizing healthy living? Why don't you take a second look at the FairTax and give us your support.
  • bob Ruth commented on 1/19/2011
    This is lets get it through the Senate....Praise the Lord
  • Paul Elder commented on 1/19/2011
    While you are at this, Please consider repealing what ever it was that mandated both English And Spanish on packages labels on the phone etc. I feel that this is America not Mexico
  • Steve Hoye commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for taking this stand against the growth of government and a very burdensome legislation by so many measures, especially for business.
  • Mary Ann Stumbo commented on 1/19/2011
    The "American Minute" today reminded us that on this day in 1980 Justice William Orville Douglas died. In the 1952 case of Zorach v. Clauson, Justice Douglas wrote: "The First Amendment, however, does not say that in every and all respects there shall be a separation of Church and State... Otherwise the state and religion would be aliens to each other- hostile, suspicious, and even unfriendly..." Justice Douglas continued: "We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being... When the state encourages religious follows the best of our traditions. For it then respects the religious nature of our people and accommodates the public service to their spiritual needs. To hold that it may not would be to find in the Constitution a requirement that the government show a callous indifference to religious groups. That would be preferring those who believe in no religion over those who do believe." Justice William Douglas concluded: "We find no constitutional requirement which makes it necessary for government to be hostile to religion...We cannot read into the Bill of Rights such a philosophy of hostility to religion." Reading that today made me think of you, Tim Moore, and Kelly Hastings. We keep up with the work of the 3 of you, pray for you all, and want you to know that we do appreciate your service and sacrifice. Thank you for fighting to protect our rights in the federal arena. By His Grace, For His Glory, Mary Ann Stumbo
  • marie harper commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for following through on one of the reasons I voted for you this past election. I liked and still support your position on Obamacare. It must not go foward. Please continue the good work.
  • Gil Allred commented on 1/19/2011
    God be with you and thank you for your hard work to serve us with your leadership. the road is hard; i can't imagine how hard. but my family is with you and we all would like to say thank you. Gil
  • terry howard commented on 1/19/2011
    keep the pressure on and don't let up!
  • Mark Davis commented on 1/19/2011
    Dear Congressman McHenry, Congratulations on voting for H.R. 2, the Repeal the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. Were you pro-active in writing this bill? Did you speak with your peers, especially democrats in getting them to vote for passage of this bill? Were you on the House floor championing passage of this bill?
  • kenneth flagg commented on 1/19/2011
    you need to cut government in half and let the privet sector do the work and let the government take care of the borders and fight the wars. JOBS JOBS JOBS GET IT !!!
  • Ross McClellan commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you!
  • Allan Nichols commented on 1/19/2011
    Like you - and the citizens of 26 states (and more) are not satisfied with Obamacare. But nearly all those same citizens have waited for decades for real, meaningful health care reform. Reforms have been discussed since I was a child, and certainly since my political maturity. Yet today, the US has among the most expensive health care systems among western industrial powers, and among the worst health care results. Sadly, Obama care addresses neither of these issues with any honesty. Realistically, Obamacare is rather more 'health insurance industry' protection rather than any meaningful reform. With the Senate's actions uncertain, and facing a certain veto, the GOP has now positioned itself to exploit this issue in 2012. Fine. But the American people still wait for simple, effective reform: a single payer system seems a modern solution, well tested in other countries; repeal of the health insurance industry's anti-trust protections and allowing interstate sale of health insurance.....after all, the GOP is the champion of free enterprise. Modest tort reform would assist Dr's in practicing 'good' medecine instead of "legal" medicine ordering up multiple tests only to prevent lawsuits. There are other solutions variously endorsed by both sides of the aisles - with the only obstruction really being the inability of either party to allow truly effective reform for fear of loosing an election issue. I can't wait until post 2012 for reform!
  • George F. Weinstein commented on 1/19/2011
    Let the free market work by allowing private insurance companies to compete across state lines, do tort reform, and do not allow insurance companies to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions even if have to create high risk pool to even playing field.
  • Lorin Whittington commented on 1/19/2011
    THANK YOU! I am relieved that you are voting in such a way as to benefit your constituents. This was a very bad bill, having much less to do with health care, and mostly to do with taxation. We are grateful to you, Rep. McHenry.
  • Avery May commented on 1/19/2011
    Thanks for voiting to repeal the health care law. Avery May
  • Terri Richardson commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for voting to repeal the healthcare bill forced through by Democrats. Now let's make sure taxpayer money will not fund abortions! Thank you for your continued efforts to listen and act upon what is right for the American people. Here is one way to raise revenue for our nation...drill our own oil and sell it to China (after we supply our own citizens, of course).
  • James Poulin commented on 1/19/2011
    Don't look for a pat on the back from me. You did not do us any favors here in Iredell County where unemployment is now up over 12% by wasting time repealing a law that the majority of Americans want to keep. Especially since you know it has no chance of passing in the Senate and you know the President will Veto it if it did. Why vote to repeal when you have nothing to replace it with? Why not bring forward your SPECIFIC ideas to reform our health care system? Can you explain SPECIFICALLY what the Republican plan is? I don't want to hear "Common sense,free market based" reforms any more. That a generality. I want to hear your plan to lower costs and expand coverage to all Americans. Now that you are in the Majority you need to stop telling me what you are against and tell be what you are for. I have not seen anything SPECIFIC in the last 2 years and this new Congress is not looking promising either.
  • JUDY GOBLE commented on 1/19/2011
  • Jerry Reese commented on 1/19/2011
    I can only hope that the House vote, shows the Senate what the people wish. I am so afraid that the will pass regardless of the House vote. What more does Mr. President need to see more than the outcome of the elections this past November. I am also concerned that the Rep. not taking the Senate will haunt our nation in the end. Continue to fight for us Patrick!!!! JT Reese
  • GATHA WEBB commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for your vote. Please continue to work to get rid of the 2000 plus page bill and replace with a common sense bill. We do not want a government run and take over of our health care. Thank you for your vote. Don and Gatha Webb
  • Steve Neagle commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for all you do. I am thankful to say that at no time when I have viewed the way you have voted and continue to vote have I been dissapointed. I am thankful you always take a moral stand and I believe you really do look out for our jobs and stand against ridiculous things like obamacare that force Americans to take something they don't want. God bless you! In Jesus name
  • Bill Norris commented on 1/19/2011
    I have a small business. Economic reasons caused me to lay-off the majority of my workers. Recently opportunities have increased, but I am afraid to re-hire because of the uncertainty of the ramifications of Obamacare. From my own standpoint, Obamacare is a job killer because it feels like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun with some liberal bureaucrat having his finger on the trigger. I cannot compete in this economy with the pending cost of Obamacare. I refuse to risk all of the things that I have worked for at this stage in my life. If I was not so concerned about getting slapped with these unknown costs, I would proceed with re-hiring some workers.
  • Rodney Threatt commented on 1/19/2011
  • Carroll Smith commented on 1/19/2011
    You really did not explain how jobs will be lost. Further, I have two young adult children who have just finished college, cannot find jobs and don't have health care because the place I work says it does not have to put them until the next cycle. So, if something happens to them, I am should you will be at my door offering to pay for it.
  • Steve Glover commented on 1/19/2011
    Their are not enough words to express my appreciation for you caring enough for us and this country to try to stop this terrible plan. It almost seems like a black cloud hanging over this country. If we donot reverse some of the Obama policies now, this country is thoroughly finished. Obama is the worst president we have ever had barnone. I will say this, their is definitely something evil about the man. We believe he is working in the interests of others to bring down America. I hope the ones who put him in are getting a stomach full of him. I do what I am supposed to do, and that is pray for him. It would seem that he has done enough misconduct in office that he could be removed. But again, thank you for your faithfulness congressman Mchenry. regards, Steve Glover
  • Dave Bracken commented on 1/19/2011
    Why did the new congress start the year wasting your time and our money beating a dead horse that didn't have a chance of getting going. It just shows how far out of touch you are. We the people want Washington to get off your high horses and start really working for the people. Work on the things that you can get done. Don't waste time, get working on the deficit. Let's see you make some cuts where you can get agreement. So far you have done nothing but posture for the next election cycle. We the people are tired of that. We have seen enough of the empty promises and wasted time. We can't wait for the next election cycle. NOW is the time to act. Act as Americans not Republicans or Democrats. You were elected to represent the American public not the Republican party reelection committee. LESS TALK, MORE ACTION.
  • Jay Tate commented on 1/19/2011
    I support your position 100%. Yes...there needs to be some reform in our nation's health-care system but not to the extent of the President's reform. Tort reform is a crucial piece of what needs to be incorporated in any healthcare reform. The cost of liability insurance and the willingness/eagerness of folks to sue creates a very costly situation. Spiraling costs to consumers for their health insurance, while CEOs of major insurance carrriers get unprecedented salaries, bonuses, and benefits is an atrocity. This is especially for small businesses who are paying for each of their employees. I was the Exc VP for a 48 person small business and have experienced the impact of out-of-control health insurance rates. Thanks for what you are doing to represent NC-10th. v/r... Jay Tate
  • Todd Ollis commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for your vote. This is a start on the right track. Now if you can only get rid of the other 90% of the Federal Government that the american people do not need our Nation might have a slim chance of making a come back. If not then I believe all is lost and america will be no more.
  • CLIO "PETE" PEDERSEN commented on 1/19/2011
    Stick with it Congressman Pat for doing such a great job. Heallth care reform is nothing but a large expense to the middle class of America; the people who actually work and provide for their own famlies. Those who choose to not work, illegial aliens as I might say and of course the free loaders should have to do something to provide for themselves. I agree in some respects we must provide those people who have lostg their jobs due to plant closing; they shouyld be eligible for a period of time to accquire reduced health care. I have been fortunate and retired from government, and military and have served my country fro over 40 years. No only have they taken my social security due to military service; but now our Tricare is being addressed as not necessary in many respects. Can we do something about simple benefits for those who have servbed in both facits of government other than charge them for serving. Respectfully, Clio Joseph "PETE" Pedersen, PO Box 156, POLKVILLE, NC 28136-0156 or
  • CLIO "PETE" PEDERSEN commented on 1/19/2011
    Hang in there Patrick and continue to fight light a little TIGER. You have all the clooud that the old Jessie Helms had and ;you are moving on. Start to think about running for the Senate nexst time around. We are also needing some help on the Upper Cleveland County Reservoir as you may well now. We are meeting with the Corps of Engineers this Friday in Raleigh with an overlay of alternative resollutions that Henry Wienckler from the Corps is making us do. Some are out in left field as one might think; but it is the procedural manner of which we have to go through to get permitted. Maybe if Congressman John Boehner; your collegue from Ohio and an acquaintance you brought in for us to hear; we can continue moving forward on the John Cline Reservoir in Upper Cleveland County NC. Thanks again for doing such a great job and look forward to another visit sometime in the near future. If you do believe our presence in Washington would be adventageoous; we would appreciate hearing from you. Respecfully, Clio Joseph "PETE" PEDERSEN, PO BOX 156, POLKVILLE, NC 28136-0156 or
  • WILLIAM COLEMAN SR commented on 1/19/2011
    Thank you for opposing this job destroying disaster called obomacare. It should be called obomaSCARE! Thank you and God Bless you!
  • Martha White commented on 1/19/2011
    Congressman McHenry, I just wanted to take time to thank you for taking steps to fulfill your pledge to voters to help take America back from such unconstitutional legislation as Obamacare. You and other legislators are in my prayers as you work to find ways to cut the outrageous spending in Washington, put Americans back to work, and fulfill other promises to take America back from too much government! Thank you for standing up for Americans (particularly those who entrusted you to represent us.) Sincerely, Martha White Caldwell County
  • Julie Epley commented on 1/20/2011
    I would like to take this time to thank you Representative McHenry for keeping your supporters informed about the issues that concern the American people. May God grant you much safety, favor, wisdom and Godly influence as you perform your duties on a daily basis. Sincerely, Julie Epley
  • Dean Epley commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you Representative McHenry for your sincere efforts to keep the American people informed about repealing ObamaCare. May God Bless You. Best Regards, Dean Epley
  • Jack Kulik commented on 1/20/2011
    Congressman, This is just the first step in dumping this bad bill. Please continue to push to defund if the bill can not be repealed. Cut off the snakes head!!!!
  • Sid Stroupe commented on 1/20/2011
    Sad. With all due respect, (honestly) I just dont' see how you all can live with yourselves. I guess it's easy --- as a healthy young man with a PREMIUM healthcare plan. My sister-in-law (with malignant stage 4 breast cancer) may beat her disease due TO Obamacare. 1. she will not be 'dropped' when her treatment exceeds her employer's former lifetime cap of $1M 2. she cannot be denied coverage if she loses her job. 3. she can continue covering her 21 yr old daughter under her plan. Her daughter is working on her graduate degree (in part, because there are no jobs). Please THINK about the plight of your constituents ... mostly lower class, unemployed. LEAD them to support Obamacare. Regards Sid Stroupe
  • Joanne Burch commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you so much for your vote to repeal Obama care
  • Steven Rotman commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you Congressman McHenry! Please keep fighting to reduce gov't, and lowering the deficit. The future of our country depends on your support! Appreciate all that you have stood for and continue to keep you in prayer! Sincerely, Steve Rotman President of Ameritech Die & Mold Mooresville, NC
  • Bernice Andersen commented on 1/20/2011
    Let's take out all the special interest fluff in the bill, compromise on what is a "real" necessity in the program, and not force people by an unconstitutional mandate that "you" must have health insurance. It is the right of the people to chose what is right for their pocket and not be dictated to. As senior citizens, my husband and I are on the medicare program. Seniors are hit hard with increase costs in insurance, gasoline and soaring food prices. We moved to NC to beat the high cost of living in CT and now we were faced with no COLA increase for two (2) years and can't keep up. As Americans, we enjoy our freedoms and we should be free to chose what is right for us. Second, please, please work on seniors receiving our COLA. Thank you.
  • Lorie Walker commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you for your vote. Now, what can we do to get it through the Senate? I agree we need reform but this wasn't it. Thanks, Lorie
  • Lawrence Dudzik commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you for your vote to repeal of Obamacare. Now you need to work on the replacement bill that will help solve the problem. Keep pressing the conservative values and we will all get this country back on the road to prosperity. Best Regards, Lawrence Dudzik Stanley, NC
  • Steven Berger commented on 1/20/2011
    Congressman McHenry please watch the new powers that Cass Sunsteen has been given. He has to much power without a watchdog. Thank you for voting to repeal the health care law, we need more across state lines competition to make insurance company compete for our business. We need to make it so they need us not that we need them. Keep up the good work, Steven Berger
  • John Ebert commented on 1/20/2011
    Congress has wasted two weeks since this will never passed the Senate. We need JOBS !!!
  • Renee Sigmon commented on 1/20/2011
    I agree 100%
  • barry branham commented on 1/20/2011
    you just lost my vote of confidence ----------, life long republican, catholic, USMC veteran---- there was many good things in the health care bill and yes some bad, this is because everybody was in a hurry to pass something, instead of passing the good parts and working less desirable one's. and here you are doing the same thing all over, throwing out baby with the dish water.
  • James Hutcheson commented on 1/20/2011
    I appreciate your intentions. I am concerned about those who will suffer from full repeal of the law: the elderly on the prescription drug doughnut hole, those who can't get insurance from pre-existing conditions, and the new college graduates who don't have a job that has health insurance. Although this is a moot point for this congress, please consider those facts if you and your colleagues draw up a substitute bill in the future. Thank you. By the way I'm a retired physician.
  • Neil Annas commented on 1/20/2011
    Congressman McHenry, thank you for continuing to take stands that support small business. Small business is the backbone of the American economy. I appreciate what you are doing to preserve our stability so in turn, we can support our local economy.
  • Denton Benfield commented on 1/20/2011
    You are wasting the country"s time and money by trying to appease Glen Beck with your endless babble about the Health Care Bill and all of this will die in the Senate anyway. The Republican party evidently has no plan of their own since we've never heard anything. All you people do is yell NO and ask what does Karl want us to say next By the way , do you have Sue Myrick's E-mail address, I want to scold her too!
  • Kevin Edwards commented on 1/20/2011
    I agree it needs to be repealed but this is smoke and mirrors. It will never pass the Senate.
  • Mark Pence commented on 1/20/2011
    Quit wasting time and money on this issue. You know that it will be killed in the Senate. All your doing is gearing up for the next election so the Republican party can continue to rip the American people off. Not one Republican has explained how this is a job killer, not one Republican has offered a alterative solution. I'm tired of paying $600.00 for my wife and two children for health insurance a month. It's about time the rest of the american deadbeats should be forced to be responsible enough to pick up healthcare for their familys. How can people forget the 8 years the Republican party was in control and how they had a surplus of money and now look where we are. I can't believe the American people voted in any Republicans this last election. The party of NO needs to try to do something productive instead of beating the same dead horse.
  • Harry Loomis commented on 1/20/2011
    Great this is a good start now lets see what you and your colleges can do to reinvent itself to be true to what the constitution and those that created meant our government to be!! Also you need to check out the USGS on the amount of oil in the Rockies and the Bakken area more than the Middle East combined and easier to get to than deep sea drilling. But we won't develope this area to it's potential because of the environmentalists who have a hold over the Representatives and Congressman they have elected. If this area is what it it supposed to be the extreme amount of money we pay to the Saudis could be used to pay off China. As I said the repeal is a start now lets see where we go from Here!
  • Jim Moore commented on 1/20/2011
    You got in all the talking points given to you by the insurance industry. You do know that we tax payers pay 70% of your government run healthcare insurance don't you Congressman. I will be glad when the people we send to Washington represent the people instead of special interest groups like the insurance industry?
  • Richard Sutton commented on 1/20/2011
    SHAME ON YOU, wanting to deny millions much needed affordable health care.
  • marilyn ramsey commented on 1/20/2011
    This is all well and good - however I want to see you not extend the debt limit and to defund the agencies that insists on making laws and bypassing congress. We need to lower the corporate tax rate in this country so our industries can compete with the rest of the world. I expect to see impressive changes made starting this year in limiting the size of government. I only have one vote but these are the things that I will base my vote on in the next election.
  • Billy Turner commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you Congressman McHenry for voting against the health bill.. You showed courage and wisdom, something rarely seen in Washington today.
  • marilyn ramsey commented on 1/20/2011
    Well that's a good 1st step. But there is a lot more to be done - congress needs to start defunding the agencies that pass law on us with an end run around congress. We need you to vote against raising the Debt Ceiling!! Never known government to not spend when given the chance and that must change. Need you to bring up legislation to cut corporate taxes in half so that our industries can compete with foreign companies and bring manufacturing home. A country that doesn't manufacture goods is a subject of some one else. Need to see a start in reducing the size of Government this year. I have only one vote but these will be the issues I will be looking at till the next election to know how to cast that vote.
  • Tom Stewart commented on 1/20/2011
    Instead of repealing the bill, why don't you amend the bill to correct any obvious problems. As far as the people having the right to NOT have medical insurance, that is a joke. We are required to have auto insurance. How is that different? The cost of everything is factored into the price for all services. It seems to me that we could save money at the same time we cover everyone. We could stop using the emergency room as a first line of medical care defense for people who don't have insurance. That cost is many times what preventative medicine would cost. It appears to me that politicians, including you, want to keep the status quo, by allowing fraud and corruption in the system, writing into law a prohibition on asking for a discount on drugs for Medicare and pandering to the interests of insurance, drug and medical health corporations. If the VA can ask and receive discounts for their medicines, why can't Medicare? Please stop posturing for the next election and do something about the problem. Take a REAL look at all the waste in government. We could probably balance the books just by eliminating waste and fraud in all areas of government.
  • Bob Hunt commented on 1/20/2011
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!
  • Terry Sigmon commented on 1/20/2011
    Congressman, (Patrick) I realize that I sometimes rag you a little, but my family and I are extremely proud of your conviction and the courage you exhibit to stand by those convictions and support NC and America. God Bless Terry "WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?
  • Jim Lisk commented on 1/20/2011
    Great work Congressman, we all know how to reduce costs such as competition among insurers, keeping the lawyers at bay. If you remain cosistent, maybe the Dems will get it one day. We can only hope.
  • Cindy Brown commented on 1/20/2011
    Thanks, Patrick. Keep up the good work.
  • Tim Jones commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you for your vote against "obama care"....That is NOT the health care reform our country needs.
  • GLENN LONG commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you for listening to the people and your vote to repeal Obamacare. This is a positive step for small business. Thanks for your service.
  • Lee Burch commented on 1/20/2011
    Thanks for what you do for us. Please stay on course and don't succumb to the naysayers and progressive's.
  • katrina durkin commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you for your commitment to stand for righteousness.
  • Dinah Cruse commented on 1/20/2011
    Great job on the vote and keeping us informed! Please keep fighting against this bill that I believe could destroy our nation. I sincerely appreciate your service and commitment.
  • Gary Rhoney commented on 1/20/2011
    Mr. McHenry, Thanks for listening to the majority of the American people. Never stop, never quit, on this issue until it is defeated, and never forget, the majority of Americans are with you. God Bless,
  • Judy Buchly commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you and keep up the good work!
  • Carol Ebert commented on 1/20/2011
    Keep up the good work and may God bless you.
  • Eric Marcy commented on 1/20/2011
    Dear Congressman McHenry: Thank you for voting according to our constitution and absolute Truth. In light of the recent horrific acts of the abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, of Philadelphia, PA, the Health Care Reform Bill must be repealed based upon its abortion provisions. There are many other reasons as well, constitutional and moral. Please continue this fight. We are at a great crossroads as a nation. There is a right road. Walk ye in it. Please continue to speak and plead with your fellow members of congress and the senate to turn from the wrong way we are heading as, one nation under God. Sincerely, Eric Marcy P.S. I have contacted Senators Hagan and Burr as well as President Obama regarding the same.
  • Terry Bly commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you congressman Mchenry! Please keep up the good work.
  • Norman McColl commented on 1/20/2011
    Thanks for keeping your word. Could you give us a simple brief answer to those who say no republican has explained how obamacare will kill jobs and what they propose as the alternative.
  • Carla Belding commented on 1/20/2011
    Thank you!
  • Larry Coy commented on 1/20/2011
    Next...20% cut in ALL federal spending, and a 20% Fair Tax.
  • Jamye Exton commented on 1/20/2011
    Great work, Mr. McHenry. Now go after the insurance companies and the drug companies.
  • Ronnie Caldwell commented on 1/20/2011
    Patrick, You told me to call you and give you praise when you are doing something right. So Good Job! now you gotta get the rest of the bunch to listen to the people. That is what they were hired to do! Thanks Ronnie
  • Tom Freeman commented on 1/21/2011
    Thanks for voting to repeal ObamaCare. Keep up the pressure.
  • James Loria commented on 1/21/2011
    Thank you for doing the will of the people. It seems like some of the people posting negative comments are the one's that are out of touch with the main stream. GREAT JOB!!!!!
  • Ann Stiles commented on 1/21/2011
    Thank you for standing up for the American people that you represent!!!!
  • Bryan Marschner commented on 1/21/2011
    Dear Congressman, God bless you and your efforts! .. Yes, I said "God".. and I mean it.. If this should offend anyone, GOOD!
  • Martin Carpenter commented on 1/21/2011
    Thank you very much! The next thing we want you to vote against is raising the debt limit and look at reducing the cost of government by: 1-Reducing the size of employees in each department such as the Department of energy, the Department of Education, etc. 2-Reduce the amount paid to each person in the departments back to what would be paid to them in the private sector by at lest 10% per year until that amount is reached. 3-Reduce the Congressman and Senators to about half of what they receive now by reducing them 10% per year until that amount is reached. Let them work part time, we don't need them in Washington all of the time. They are just screwing this country up. 4-Reduce their office expenses to about a 1/3 of what it is now. 5-Place a tax high enough on all of this junk sent to this country from China so they we can produce it cheaper in this country. That will create jobs for all of our unemployed that Congress has been sending overseas since the 1960's. That tax would also help us rid ourselves of the national debt that Obama and the Democrat Congress gave us. 6-Send all of those illegal immigrants with their anchor babies back to Mexico and remove them from Social Security. 7-Bring our soldiers home and use them to protect our borders. 8-Install a fence between the US & Mexico and let these foreigners enter our country as the law requires. 8- Please tell me how our Senators and Congressman go to Washington poor and in a couple of years are millionaires. Who is paying them off to do what they want? Is it China so they can send that junk over here. This is something the US public needs to know. 9-Reduce all payments from Washington to each state so they will have to keep up Public Housing and welfare. We will put all of these people back to work that have been depending on the government for all of these years. Some as much as 8 generations. We at the local level will take care of this!!! 10-Balance our national budget!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A STARTER THAT WE NEED TO DO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Martin Carpenter
  • Amelia Henderson commented on 1/21/2011
    Yes! Let's not let Obamacare become a reality. Too many good health care providers would be in danger of losing their jobs, from CNA's to specialized surgeons. Thanks for voting to repeal!
  • Terry Sigmon commented on 1/21/2011
    "WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?" we would have to do when we elected a President who believes in BIG government control, industry take-over and limited Liberty and one who ignores the wishes of the people of this country. Keep your eyes and ears open for this is only the beginning of what is yet to come from this administration...the back door is still open! Terry J. Sigmon,
  • Terry Sigmon commented on 1/21/2011
    "WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?" we would have to do when we elected a President who believes in BIG government control, industry take-over and limited Liberty and one who ignores the wishes of the people of this country. Keep your eyes and ears open for this is only the beginning of what is yet to come from this administration...the back door is still open! Terry J. Sigmon,
  • Larry Turbyfill commented on 1/21/2011
    You go Congressman! Don't stop there, get rid of all government sponsored healthcare. Start with Medicare, then the VA, and let all government employees go to the free market and purchase health insurance like I do for my family. It' very affordable. My health insurance for a family of four is only $25,000 a year. I am a business man and I believe in the free market. Do not let the government interfer in anybodys healthcare. Do not allow the government to get in between anyone and their doctor, especially the eldery. If someone cannot afford health insurance or does not have the cash to pay for healthcare services they should not expect recieve those services or expect care. As for perscription drugs, same thing. The government should not tell drug companies how much money they can make. Let the market determine who can or cannot afford medication. This is like being a little pregnant. No such thing. You are either a supporter of free market solutions or you are a supporter of Universal Care. By the way, what is the median income of District 10, and how many people have government sponsored health care in our district? How many have no insurance? How many people like myself actually have health insurance for themselves and their families that they purchase in the free market? And finally, how many of your constituents have the cash to pay for any and all of their healthcare needs? Keep up the good work! With any luck we will be negotiating one on one with hospitals and doctors at every visit, and then we will show them who runs things. If this Republican plan works out we can not only get the government out of the healthcare business but we can eliminate heath insurance companies as well. Hallelujah!
  • Beverly Trebes commented on 1/21/2011
    Thank you, Congressman McHenry. I feel I can always count on you to do the right thing. We don't need Socialist Healthcate. I don't want the government in charge of my healthcare, it should be in private hands, my doctor's. Keep up the good work!!! NEXT: we need a Marriage Amendment to our Constitution: One Man and One Woman as is made clear in the Scriptures. ALSO: defund Planned Parenthood, that would be a great savings, every year they are given billions from the Federal coffers (taxpayers pockets). The holocaust of our children is such a huge BLACK MARK against America!!! We agreed the German holocaust of the Jews in WWII was horrid, we are no better!!! 53 million babies to date and counting!! Also, many mothers along with their babies have lost their lives due to unscrupulous abortionists (note the latest lowlife - Dr. Kirmet Gosnell of Philadelphia. See It must stopped!!! Live begins at conception!! I was blessed to live and work in a home for unwed mothers - saving babies and helping the mothers to a new start in life. God bless you, Congressman McHenry
  • David Parsons commented on 1/21/2011
    Congressman, thank you for your vote. Please keep posting the videos and reaching out to your constituents that is one of the reasons that I voted for you.
  • Amy Smith commented on 1/22/2011
    Thanks for your vote Congressman Mchenry! Cut the over-spending out of our government!
  • Nell Guill commented on 1/23/2011
    I can only say I agree to the comments that I read here. I have found that you have always stayed true to what you have told us in town meetings in the past. Not only do I agree with the choices you support, but I join in with so many that feel that you do not have your position just because we voted for you, but because many people have been praying for someone to take the stand you do for us. We cannot assume America will continue with the freedoms we have come to take for granted without a strong stand from the American People. Thank you again, May God bless you with the strength to continue to fight for us all. Nell
  • David DeViney commented on 1/23/2011
    I couldn't have said it better than Dave Bracken said in a previous post, so I will simply quote him below to drive home the point: "Why did the new congress start the year wasting your time and our money beating a dead horse that didn't have a chance of getting going. It just shows how far out of touch you are. We the people want Washington to get off your high horses and start really working for the people. Work on the things that you can get done. Don't waste time, get working on the deficit. Let's see you make some cuts where you can get agreement. So far you have done nothing but posture for the next election cycle. We the people are tired of that. We have seen enough of the empty promises and wasted time. We can't wait for the next election cycle. NOW is the time to act. Act as Americans not Republicans or Democrats. You were elected to represent the American public not the Republican party reelection committee. LESS TALK, MORE ACTION." Right on Dave!!
  • Larry Turbyfill commented on 1/24/2011
    Why haven't you posted my comments? Are you afraid of the truth? Whose agenda are you working for? Who do you want to see get healthcare? Are you in bed with the insurance companies, big pharma? Do you not agree with the free market approach to healthcare? I am confused as to what your specific solution is. And by the way, why are we the only country in the world with our model for delivering healthcare? You would think that if it were so appealing that the insurance companies would become global players in the business of providing healthcare coverage. Please help me to help you advance your agenda. By the way, what is your healthcare agenda specifically? Your agenda appears to be protecting the Government sponsored healthcare that you and your staff along with our veterans and medicare recipients enjoy with no regard to how hard working families who are struggling to keep food on the table will obtain basic healthcare for themselves or their children. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Larry Turbyfill commented on 1/26/2011
    I know why you won't post my comments. The children are afraid to engage in meaningful dialog with an adult who has had a carreer, owned and run businesses, and is actually able to do what you cannot and the majority of the folks in district ten cannot. What is that? Afford healthcare on the open market! Get everyone off of government sponsored healthcare now! Isn't that exactly at you want? I'm already on board.
  • Ronald King commented on 1/28/2011
    Thank You Patrick for taking a stand. This repeal is exactly the right action and is a first step in showing that our Government will listen to the People. This repeal is proper against a massive bill (2700 pages) that was so corruptly passed and the American People simply did not want and Obama did not pullback to reconsider when he knew he should have. The healthcare bill should be repealed in its entirety and started over -- not "tweaked", not reformed, not re-worked with. Yes, there are positive changes in Obamacare such as pre-existing conditions which should be done, which Democrats will only extol the wanted benefits but say nothing of the problems -- because they know the central theme of the bill is about government take-over and control of the healthcare industry, which is why they refuse to or "can't" explain their own bill --that is still being written!!?. I am surely not defending the insurance companies bad actions that they do. The Obamacare bill (like others) puts the poison in with the solution--so that government can continue to interfere, regulate (grow governmment) and lay taxation taproots to feed itself -- which drives costs up. Already the results of this bill is showing failures. The worst offense of this bill is the individual insurance mandate in 2014 and then hiring 16,000 IRS agents to force American liberty to buy health insurance. WE were telling Democrats to simply not pass this bill, that there are proper and better solutions to this problem. Please stay focused at this process as we work to stop and repeal Obamacare. Thank you again, Representative McHenry.
  • Cindy daugherty commented on 2/15/2011
    Thank you, Congressman McHenry. I know it will be a tough fight. Hang in there stand strong, and do not compromise. You are on the side of the people on this issue. As Larry above, says. Let's get people off of the "dole" Let make people more accountable to themselves. Let us teach them not to be dependent on gov. to take care of their needs. We now have generations that are hooked on being dependent on the government for handouts. It is an addiction. Let's figure out how to rehabilitate them. Not give them more ways to stay dependent. Have a good year, may it be productive for you and the rest of Congress to repeal Obamacare and come up with some resolutions to really help the people. May God Bless you
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