Congressional Oversight: A Constitutional Obligation

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Posted by Patrick on December 20, 2010

Incoming House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) recently put out a report detailing the responsibilities of Congress to be a watchdog for the Executive Branch. In his report, Chairman Issa noted that the Oversight and Government Reform Committee requested 61% less information and held 21% fewer hearings than they did before the election of President Obama. To read the full report, click here.

This lack of oversight occurred even as our country was facing the financial meltdown, runaway wasteful "stimulus" spending, bailouts, and secretive backroom deal-making to pass ObamaCare. Unfortunately, in an effort to paper over the executive branch’s failed management, Democrats neglected to call on any significant administration officials to testify before the committee until they were pressured by House Republicans and the media.

So what were Democrats doing instead of getting to the root cause of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression? They held two hearings on "Are Superweeds an Outgrowth of USDA Biotech Policy?" and another on "Ready to Eat or Not: Examining the Impact of Leafy Green Marketing Agreements."

It’s often noted that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again but expect different results. In order to get our economy back on the right track we have to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes in the future. It is our duty on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to root out waste, fraud, and abuse within the federal government. This is the only way we can ensure we are on track to make our government smaller, smarter, and more efficient.

The opinions expressed below are those of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of this office.
  • Angi Mansfield commented on 12/20/2010
    Unfortunately it was very had to choose which of the 4 was most important on my list. I do know I want NO part of the government choosing what is the best option for myself or my family when it comes to healthcare. I am hoping that the Supreme Court finds the bill unconstitutional and that we focus on the need to create jobs and rebuild our future by investing in ourselves and NOT turn to welfare as our current government so wants us to do. Thank you Congressman McHenry for fighting for our freedoms and values.
  • charles culberson commented on 12/20/2010
    Health care as written[Obamacare] is absolutely unmanageable and financially unsustainable for the American people.
  • Sue Long commented on 12/20/2010
    Earmarks have to go. ALL Government departments should go through the same cost cutting and scaling down excercise all other American businesses have in the last year.
  • Romaine Berczek commented on 12/20/2010
    I am also concerned about the Bailout Oversight issue. Seems to me NO ONE is watching over ANYTHING that involves any kind of spending! I don't feel we can just give money away and trust that the recipients will be honorable in their use of this money. My husband and I are retired and a deeply concerned about how all this will be repaid...(certainly not in OUR lifetime; but, nonetheless, some guidelines have to be laid now - and, more importantly, ENFORCED!!!)
  • Harold Hansen commented on 12/20/2010
    Fannie May and Freddie Mac should be disbanded along with Barney Frank who should be jailed. The government involvement forcing banks to give mortgage loans to minorities, illegals, and those that could not afford a home caused this mess. Keep the government out of the private sector economy!!! Jail time for irresponsible decisions and management is in order.
  • cindy daugherty commented on 12/20/2010
    Tkhat was a really hard decision to make. They all need to be priority. I chose the wasteful stimulus spending ecause I think that the Obamacare is going to be taken care of through the U.S. Supreme Court, and will be found unconstitutional. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, can be take care of by not funding them, and they don't infringe on my Constitutional rights. The damage done on the bailout oversight, how hard can it be to give back to the private industry what belongs to private industry and let the freemarkets work? kTkhe American people are not dumb. We know what is going on. Do the right thing and get us back to being the Economic Giant we used to be. GEt our jobs back from those other countries. Trash NAFTA CAFTA. We need to look our for America, and those other countries can look out for their own people
  • William Currens commented on 12/20/2010
    Please give this your top priority: Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States." You can change Congress! As citizens and voters, who incidentally voted for you, we feel the top priority in Congress is to change Congress! Without the above, your constituents feel you are working with your self interests at the forefront, not ours. Please help change our perception of your colleagues. Sincerely, Bill and Barbara Currens
  • Peggy Lowman commented on 12/20/2010
    Of the four oversight options to choose from, I could see a definate need for any of them to be the 'top' one. Money should not have been flung toward big business who chose to pay large salaries and bonuses. The 'health reform' has too many ways for money needs to grow into another federal monstrosity and probably needs to be the most carefully watched. If Medicaid is expanded under 'health reform' and continues to be combined with Medicare spending, one will never know the real cost of Medicare versus Medicaid. Medicaid should be a completely separate entity. Freddie Mae and Mac should have had closer oversight a long time ago. And, stimulus spending should not be just given out. Prehaps it could be a grant type program where the business would apply for assistance, prove, how monies received are being applied, with a repayment of a percentage on the dollar if objectives are not met by the business. And 'pork' should never be a part of any bill.
  • George Sumrow commented on 12/20/2010
    All four are important. Education as well as other areas should be taken care by each state. The fed gvt should be limited to defense and protecting our borders. Cut the federal gvt. Goverment can't compete with free enterprise. Prime example the U S Postal service. Loosing ton of money yet Fed EX, UPS, DHL and lots of small companies are making a profit. Unions should be illegal. They were needed in the early 1900's but not today. Look at New Jersey's Teachers Union, what a nightmare. Look at the TSA another government nightmare.
  • Nancy Friday commented on 12/20/2010
    Defund healthcare, stop spending, cut budget, stop bailouts...let them fail, stop spreading the wealth around...we caanot afford any more spending, stop bill that will do anything to the internet and the airways...TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK PLEASE....FROM OBAMA!!!!!
  • Derek Schwenkbeck commented on 12/20/2010
    Dear Representative McHenry, I am writing you to urge you and your fellow members of Congress to stick to your campaign message of doing what you can to restore the economy and put your constituents back to work. The unemployment rate in your district is about 17%. This has to be rectified! I fear that as the state and federal government tighten their belts to coincide with the reduced revenue coming in thru taxes, the unemployment rolls could see a new stream of applicants from the public sector. Private corporations are seeing growing profits as the economy slowly bounces back, and they get higher rates of productivity out of their remaining employees, while wages stay low. Their main focus is on profits, they do not have the incentives to be magnanimous and hire workers simply to spur our economy without the demand for their product. I urge you and your fellow Congressmen and women to work on legislation that will fix the economy. I do not believe that now is the time to go back and un-do what the Obama Administration and the current lame duck congress has accomplished in the past two years. We need our leaders to forge ahead, instead of fighting what will be hard fought partisan battles to get us to where we were at the start of the recession. Thank you for your time, Derek Schwenkbeck PS - I'm not sure if the House has already voted on the First Responder's Health Care bill, but PLEASE vote to extend benefits for those brave men and women who came to America's aid when it was most needed, and now seem to be forgotten in their own personal time of need.
  • Corwin Guenther commented on 12/20/2010
    It is difficult to pick just one when all cry out for attention. I've picked the one (Healthcare) that I think has/will do the most harm. Thanks, Corky.
  • Larry Reese commented on 12/20/2010
    I'm deeply concerned and upset about two things: 1. Republicans attacking SC Sen. Jim Demint who seems to be the only person in Congress who is truly listening to the American People. Most others are just a part of the same old "Good Ole Boy" membership. I've never been treated rudely by any NC delegate from either side until I called Rep. McHenry's office. I've voted for him each time he's run for office at my own political peril because I am from Catawba Co and a retired LEO. 2. The President continues to misquote Federal articles, Christian military personnel, and constantly failing to mention God intentionally. When I've called McHenry and Burr's offices I have been told that neither men "at the end of the day" really think moral or Christian concepts are really important. I called the minority speakers office and they told me the same thing basically. It appears that most Republicans really aren't "the moral party" and they don't care because some congressional employee in their offices wind up taking the heat.
  • roytce hohn commented on 12/20/2010
    to me we need to get out of the war in afghanistan we are wasteing millions a week that could be saved also we need to put a stop to this wreckless spending on forgin aid,also it seems that obama and or the comprimise on the bush tax cut gave politicians a raise of about 2400.00 and yet they can't afford to give social security recipents 250.00 .now if the I.M.F and outher countries remove the us dollar as the world currency we are headed for some really bad days. if the dollar keeps devaluing other countries wont even accept our money it's already happening and it's happend in the past to other countrys like the british they tried exactly what we are doing today and it didn't work and the people suffered,at our present course we are headed in the same place the next crash is comming history repeats itsself and we are doing now what we did in the late 30's and the crash happened thankyou for sending this opertunity to take this poll and give a comment
  • Jesse Brown commented on 12/20/2010
    I and many other seniors want to know why we get $15.00 taken out of our Soc. Sec. check to pay for an increase on our medicare insurance??? I am a member of the Tea Party an ordinary citizen that demands that no one gets a raise in pay unless the seniors of this country get a cost of living raise for the last two years, especially the president. Tell Michelle Obama to stop all the wasteful trips, esp. the one to Spain. Also tell Obama to rein in the waste in his administration, and stop spending where we don't have the funds to spend. CUT OUT EARMARKS, PERIOD. Abide by our Constitution. Thanks Jesse Brown, NC USA
  • Lawrence Appelbaum commented on 12/20/2010
    I am so angry at the wasteful spending while people go jobless and hungry. I am 78 years young and what people don't realize is that there are no increase in social security but increases in cost of living for medicine, insurance, food, energy, water etc.I think the dollar buys about 75% what it used to. There may be minor inflation and legally your right not to increase payments but it's tougher making your bills and most seniors go without because the choice is medicine or food. Rent sometimes is in the background and put off to get other bills paid. Sorry just angry about what some of Wall Street and bankers take home. What get's me it's our money, The gray foxes are watching to see what you Republicans do next year. God bless have a great Christmas and a happy New year.
  • Byron Bahr commented on 12/20/2010
    Congressman McHenry, Freddy and Fanny have been acting on congressional mandates, the bailouts are nearly paid back and wasteful stimulus spending is hopefully coming to an end with the Republian comtrolled House. The thing that worries me most is the new Obama Healthcare mandates that are just staring to be rolled out. The other three items are just about completed and the congress will have minimal ability to impact oversight changes. The Healthcare bill, on the other hand is just starting and will require significant oversight and or changes including repeal. President Obama has promised to use any means necessary to implement his government vision. Currently the FCC, ATF, EPA and FDA are in the process of enacting regulations that have not been alowed to pass in congress. The Oversight Committee should be busy for the next two years watching out for the Executive Branch usurping legislative powers. Sincerely, Byron Bahr Denver, NC 315-638-2906 (cell)
  • Jeff Taylor commented on 12/20/2010
    Patrick, I think you should go after the Executive Branch to do away with all the Zars. Get rid of them as they are unconstitutional and are not accountable to anyone except for the "world leader want-to-be". Plus they are nothing but communist. This should be the next priority. Show Obama he will do business the right way or will not do it at all! Thanks, Jeff
  • James Hatfield commented on 12/20/2010
    Stay the course and do not allow the Republican Leadership to compromise yours and our principles.
  • Dorothy Pullease commented on 12/20/2010
    All 4 are VERY good starting points, I hope that this new Congress will not forget why you were elected. We must have accountability, and I suspect some should go to jail. Fannie & Freddie were at the HEART of the financial meltdown. Good luck, I hope to see these hearings being made VERY public!!! Do not let the liberal democrats define you or America anymore. Thank you for your service. Dorothy Pullease Banner Elk, NC 28604
  • Walter Morris commented on 12/20/2010
    How about looking into Wikileaks.
  • Chuck Lane commented on 12/20/2010
    The Government has put its head in the sand and failed to deal with the illegal immigrant problem. First - stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country, Second stop this automatic citizenship for babies born to non-citizens in the US. Third, get the illegal immigrants that are already here, not just the Hispanics, out of the country. We have seen frequent demonstrations that the illegals do not support the US, but rather their own country. They want to change the US to be like their country rather than becoming part of our culture. Yes, its a tough problem, but the reason its this tough is because it has been ignored and every day it gets worse. The Government also needs to stand up and make a strong statement that the US is a Christian nation and will follow Christian principals. Sharia Law will not be tolerated in the US.
  • Amelie Schwandt commented on 12/20/2010
    I am very disappointed in the US government. Especiallly the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd's, Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel's of the world. The rules are made for others not them and then they get away with their shenanagins. We want less government interference in our lives not more. We want to see politicians held accountable for their behavior just like we are.
  • Al Sagan commented on 12/20/2010
    The most important emphasis, I believe, should be restoring the economy to pre-2007 levels. Eliminate NAFTA, trade embargo on China's imports to the USA, and stabilizing the Mexican border.
  • Julie Propst commented on 12/20/2010
    It was hard to choose which one of the four oversights. I want to see ObamaCare rescinded and an overhaul of what we already have. I feel that the commercials of attorneys looking for people to sue drug companies is ridiculous. Nine times out of ten, the people have been told the side effects of taking a drug, just like we know the potential of getting cancer if we smoke. I believe that if someone is irrevocably harmed during surgery, or a total lack of paying attention by a doctor, these things do need to be looked at. But to sue because you may have been subjected to lead paint in the 60's, when no one knew then what the side effects would be, is ludicrous. And there is a lot of that going on. Also, the attorneys need to be reigned in. If they charge $200.00 an hour to plead your case in a courtroom, then they should only be able to charge that same fee to help you in righting a wrong in the operating room. Asking for 33% of a settlement is also ludicrous. This is what drives these types of things up and up. What amount is enough? When I had my first child I almost died. The doctor prescribed morphine for me immediately following the birth of my son. I had a severe reactiont o this drug, and stopped breathing. I woke up about 16 hours later, glad to be alive. Did I sue? No. I had never had morphine before, so no one could possibly guess what would happen, and I had never been allergic to anything!! But I have been advised over they years that I should have sued. This is what is wrong with America. We expect perfection from everyone except ourselves. We also need to take responsibility for the decisions we ourselves make. Wether the decision is medical, or personal. If I committ a crime, it has absolutely nothing to do with the decisions my parents made. At 18, I became an adult. I knew right from wrong, whether it was taught in my home or not. Everyone wants to blame someone else when things go wrong. Instead, we should take a lon look in the mirror. Also, if my credit cards and personal loans are maxed, I need to STOP spending. Tell that to the federal government. I have never told a bill collector that I need to spend more instead of paying my debt. They would have laughed until they cried. If this is the way the Federal Government thinks, then they need to go back to 1st grade. Seriously. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, they also need oversight. The spending frenzy of the federal government needs to stop. The bailouts need to stop. Congressman McHenry, the job you have chosen is a hard one. I feel you are doing a wonderful job, and I pray for you. Thank you for supporting your fellow North Carolinians, Julie Propst
  • Ben Brackett commented on 12/20/2010
    You really make it hard, All four are equally improtant, Why don't we just Outsource Sarah Palin ??????
  • Michael Day commented on 12/20/2010
    Your 4 key areas are a great place to start. They all need attention. Just take them one at a time and fix it. Then move on to the other. Fannie and Freddie need to be shut down. The federal government has no business in the mortgage business. A person should be able to buy a house because he or she has worked hard and saved for it. Not because the feds make the money so easy to get that anyone qualifies.
  • Janette Nichols commented on 12/20/2010
    Patrick, All four items were good, it was hard to choose. Would you be a proponent to a balanced budget amendment? Also would you lead the way to stopping entitlements to illegals? Taking the money saved from this and using it to create jobs for Americans in the form of tax incentives for businesses who hire in 2011. Some of it could go towards the deficit as well.
  • John Hucthins commented on 12/20/2010
    So Patrick McHenry is on the Oversight Committee? Hot Dawg! That's great news... Turn the whole stinking mess upside down, you'll have my support. Regards
  • William Choate commented on 12/20/2010
    I have picked one of the four areas but I find reason for GREAT CONCERN in all four areas.
  • Vickie Jackson commented on 12/20/2010
    Congressman, I am very concerned about the insurmountable amount of debt the United States has. I would like to see a constitutional amendment to having to have a balanced budget, just like the state of North Carolina has. We are spending ourselves into debt we can never repay, then what happens. There are so many give-a-ways in this country, we can not afford this, I know it would hurt but I had much rather be able to buy food than to have a cell phone. We all know that nothing if free, except salvation and the air, and sometimes I think the air would be taxed if the government knew how. Tax payers pay for all this free stuff. Help us to remain the most blessed nation on earth. Merry Christmas VIckie Jackson
  • Mike Mooney commented on 12/20/2010
    This poll is a Catch 22 situation. We need to CUT spending on ALL pork and unnecessary projects and get back to the businessw of restoring States' Rights. I do not like what is going on in the federal government and we need more than lip service very two or four years!!!!!!!!
  • Charles Wallace commented on 12/20/2010
    Thank you for what you are doing! All of these areas are so important that it was hard to pick one. Please keep up the good work. Sincerely, Charles Wallace
  • Frank Pyne commented on 12/20/2010
    All four are very important areas ripe for adult supervision. I see no reason why hearings on all four cannot be held. Business as usual would be to pick one but I certainly expect more oversite than what even the last republican house considered adequate. I also expect more with a reduced congressional budget. Truth is you guys just have not worked very hard for the american people. Stop posturing and pontificating and get to work. No more business as usual. I will be watching with renewed vigor.
  • Coy Hudson commented on 12/20/2010
    It is beyond belief what actions our president and congress continues to do to seriously jeopardize the financial, moral, and spiritual stability of our nation!! The republications who now have more control than they have had in many years must act responsibly, decisively, and morally to begin the ardent process to begin to undo the tremendous damage that has been done. The American people must be provided correct and accurate information about the status of the inconceivable actions that have been taken over the past 2 years. Congress must right these wrongs by making difficult decisions that in many cases will not be popular. Government CANNOT take over healthcare, the automobile industry, and the financial industry and not hold leaders of these industries and businesses responsible!! What is this teaching our children and those who will soon be in positions of leadership? We must have leaders who are willing to do what is right and moral for America to regain the kind of America that we so desperately need! Who is willing to step forward to be the statesmen that we have to have?
  • Gene Yount commented on 12/20/2010
    just a bit sorry we had to pick only one priority. top priority should be remove the impostor out of the White House. Thank you and God bless and Merry Christmas.
  • Ellis Monroe commented on 12/20/2010
    Fannie Mae nd Freddie Mac need to be cut back to zero along with wastefull spending on Ear marks etc
  • Brett Kiser commented on 12/20/2010
    With healthcare in control by the government and not the public, this is 1/6 of the economy. Some may say this is not true but be sure that I cannot buy healthcare in another state plus Congress excluded itself. This is not fair. Put EVERY aspect of the economy in the hands of the private sector and watch it grow. Cut ALL taxes by 1/4, Reduce government employment by 20%. Make social security an option for anyone under 55 years of age. Require anyone that stays in the social security system to be a full-time employee for at least 15 years. Admit drug testing for anyone receiving welfare, food stamps, or ANY government assistance. Require members of Congress pay into the social security system or opt out. Eliminate the pension program that Congress currently has and force Congress to invest their own money and not retire on the tax payers. Complete these tasks with the next two years or update your resume` Congressman McHenery. You will have the majority beginning next year so there is no reason these and more cannot be accomplished. You are the People's employee and we expect more from you than we have seen in the past. Your voting record is conservative and I admire you for that but you have not introduced any bill that addresses these issues mentioned above. Putting Ronald Reagan’s photo on our currency in not in the People's best interest at this time. Get to work Congressman McHenery, the People are watching.
  • Jim Moore commented on 12/20/2010
    I hope that is not your top 3 priorities. Do you really think these are the most important issues you should be looking into. Why isn't the number ONE issue investigating these billions of dollars that are still being stolen by the corrupt military contractors. Put the USA first, not your own interest.
  • Rick George commented on 12/20/2010
    Dear Congressman McHenry, In adddition to the topics listed in your poll, are there any plans to start investigating all of the "czars" currently getting paid fat government salaries and working night and day to subvert our Constitution? Also, what of the latest FCC regulations being proposed that would initiate the first steps to bringing the internet under US government control? A ruling by the FCC is coming tomorrow if I understand what I have heard. Thank you for your service and for keeping us informed. Sincerely, Rick George Bakersville, NC 28705
  • Art Northrup Jr commented on 12/20/2010
    I picked "bailout oversight", but none of the 4 choices deal with the root cause of all economic problems in the U.S., which has been in existence for 96 years - the "Fed". Until CONgress takes back its' Constitutional authority "to coin money and regulate the value thereof", there will never be an end to major & unsurmountable economic problems & at the very least, CONgress should start with passing Dr. Ron Paul's "audit the Fed" legislation in its entirety. It's a simple fact of economics that such a "fiat money, fractional reserve banking" system doesn't work & as put into practice, is the biggest "Ponzi scheme" ever invented by man. And it's a fact that "Keynesian economics" has been a dismal failure everywhere the theories have ever been applied. You can't "fix" a broken system by using the broken system & Dr. Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) hit the nail on the head when he said, “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”
  • William Cooley commented on 12/20/2010
    You should repeal Obamacare. Cut back spending to 2006 levels Kill the Ethanol subsidy and Sugar subsidy and other subsidies. As a rule of thumb, you don't put food in the fuel tank. The shortage of corn has raised the prices on all food and beef and we subsidize $50 Billion a year to do it. No mare earmarks. Seal the boarders. If you get those things done in 2 years, you have accomplished a lot. Thank you.
  • Morris DePauw commented on 12/20/2010
    When is the Congress going to put the White House on a budget. How much is spend on needless travel and excessive staffing. I have an e-mail that list 23 staffers assigned to the Frist Lady. Why and What do they do. Accountability of the Executive branch spending should be the first step to reducing the deficit. Where is the spending report for this part of the government!!!!!!!!
  • alicia goodman commented on 12/20/2010
    So, you say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...yes, you, the Republican "tax less and spend more" Congress. Running two wars while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest and then holding the unemployed and middle class hostage in order to preserve those tax cuts is my definition of insanity. It is Republican fiscal irresponsibility that has lead us down the path of economic, in response to your poll...exercise your oversight by investigating your own bad behavior.
  • Crystal Harlan commented on 12/20/2010
    I know that most Americans agree that tax cuts for the rich and estate tax are issues that would begin to help getting our economy back on track. I guess you wouldn't want to hear it though since they have you in their pocket. I won't be voting for you again next election unless you get a backbone and start standing up for the people that make your position possible.
  • Dean Johnson commented on 12/20/2010
    Repealing that health care law should be the first thing to do. Even if it doesn't happen they need to get it that we will not roll over for this non-sence. We need to send the message that we will not look the other way when our liberties are being taken away.
  • Jean Crawley commented on 12/20/2010
    All are extremely important. I might add National security and stop the gov. reegulations that are breaking state and local gov and also small businesses. We need anything that will get the economy running again. Thanks. Jean
  • Harry Platt commented on 12/20/2010
    All of the above. God Bless, and merry Christmas
  • D Shambley commented on 12/20/2010
    Poll is useless and seems loaded.
  • Oscar jones commented on 12/20/2010
    START Gives Russia Tactical Edge. Please help get this stopped. This is more important than any thing now.
  • Todd Salyards commented on 12/20/2010
    Rather than tell all the mishaps that the democrats have gotten away with, what is being done to ASSURE this will not happen in the future. Also why is the tax on pipe tobacco increasing at an alarming rate from @2.80+ / lb to over @24.00 / lb ? I am not a smoker, but saw a notice at a recent visit to JR's in Staesville, NC. That is an enormous and outrageous increase on any one item. Another example of our incompetent, crooked congress and senate. How did this happen and who was resposible to get this passed? Todd V. Salyards 1109 Rolling Green dr. Newton, NC 28658
  • Frankie Parise commented on 12/20/2010
    I think all four should be included !!!
  • C.J. Saunders, Jr. commented on 12/20/2010
    There should be more oversight on the Small Business Administration. The employees are well over racial requirements in terms of people of color and the programs are jammed with fraud. Google "SBA forgets the Alamo" for an example. The SBA Natural Resource Sales Assistance Program needs to lose the "30-70 drule.' Indeed, the entire SBA needs to be disbanded.
  • Tina Tallent commented on 12/20/2010
    I think you should NOT have extended the tax cuts to the wealthiest 1% of the nation at a time when our country needs the money most. THAT was wasteful spending! You should STOP voting against the bill to fund the health care of the 911 responders in New York. The very least we can do for the firemen, policemen, and other first responders is help with the cost of the heath problems that occurred because they didn't think twice about putting their lives on the line for fellow Americans. You and others who vote against it should be ashamed.
  • Tina Tallent commented on 12/20/2010
    I bet you don't "approve" the negative comments. Cowards!
  • George Hoover commented on 12/20/2010
    there are too many irresponsible policies enacted to know where to start.
  • Waits Gordon commented on 12/20/2010
    A trillion dollars worth of stimulus might have been spent better with financial incentives to companies that manufacture items to locate in the hardest hit states , counties,(no politics) strictly based on unemployment numbers. The $250.00 per person (if you needed it) only caught up a car payment, a rent payment and mostly in the middle to upper class went in the bank. Also subsidizing wages of manufacturing companies might help us keep more competitive in a global market and keep jobs here in the USA. BAILOUTS SHOULD HAVE NOT HAPPENED IN THE BANKING INDUSTRY WITH BONUSES. THAT WAS SHAMEFUL.
  • Robert Chambers commented on 12/20/2010
    Cut the budget. Start by cutting funding of countries that take our money but do not support the US. Do a line item oversight to cut out all of the frivolous and wasteful spending.
  • Miriam Bell commented on 12/20/2010
    Let me be clear that I think the healthcare reform "obamacare" should be repealed. All of the choices in the poll are important and need to be addressed. There is too much waste and too much big government control. Pouring money into nonsense to stimulate the economy is not going to fix our problems. Thanks for this poll and taking an interest in what we think.
  • Todd Ollis commented on 12/20/2010
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a start. I don't know how a person can just or only pick one of them. The whole house of Government needs to be cleaned. Rules and regulations are putting most businesses under stress and out of business. None of this governments actions help any business or taxpayer. Explain to me how giving more of my money to the government helps me and my business. If you can't explain it, then it must mean the government is just greedy.
  • David Bracken commented on 12/20/2010
    Which one of your 4 pet peeves should I pick as my top priority? What slanted results we will get? You think we don't know that the president only gets to choose from what Congress sends him? Congress sends the President a bloated load of pork that he can choose to sign or not. This last load of crap that got passed made me sick to my stomach. The only people that benefited were people that need to get motivated to get a job, and the only way to do that is to make it an economic necessity. The others that benefited were the filthy rich who don't need the stimulus. Why isn't wasteful Congressional spending on the list? That is the root of all our problems. Every amendment should have a separate vote. The real issues are Congressional pork, subsidies for political donors, straight party voting, lobbyists, replace the IRS with a flat rate sales tax, and others. Put those on a poll and see what you get. It was absolutely insane to lower the social security deductions from my paycheck when you say Social Security is going broke. Extending the Bush tax cuts was irresponsible. We had no way to pay for them before and still don't. Everyone says they never noticed them when we got them (except the filthy rich), why would we ever notice it when it was taken away? Quit the political Liberal/conservative bullshit. We know that all politicians are the same. All you care about is power and getting reelected. Do what is good for the country. Vote for term limits. Give up Congressional pensions and benefits. We know that the longer you are in power the more corrupt you become. Don't bother to ask me for money for your next campaign. I give my charity to the poor who actually deserve it.
  • Jack Ramey commented on 12/20/2010
    Concerns of senior citizens/Social Security were not an option; but just wanted to say that I faithfully paid into the system for 43 continous years, and cannot for the life of me understand why us seniors are now considered to to be THE problem....Jack Ramey, Mooresville, North Carolina
  • Michael Cowick commented on 12/20/2010
    I have long been disgusted at the way republicans have been just as complicit as the democrats at the "spend more than we have" mentality. If the republicans do not attempt some drastic change in the way that we do business, the republican party is going to die... I had been a republican since 1968 but changed to unaffiliated because of my disgust at the "republicans no different than democrats" behavior I have witnessed.. The teaparty people excite me in that possibly there is some hope.. The Marxist in the whitehouse is determined to destroy the United States.. There will have to be some hard choices made in the near future. I hope the republican party with all of the embedded "elite good old blue blood republicans" are up to it. I seriously doubt it.
  • Ron Mechling commented on 12/20/2010
    Gov't Healthcare needs to be attacked before it is a firm entitlements. Entitlements have to cease as well as any spending !!!!!!!
  • jack dula commented on 12/20/2010
    Bailouts are a waste of taxpayer money No one, corportation or individual should be bailed out. What happened to put back 10 percent for hard times. We all should live by the rule! Also, never spend what you have to borrow. Cash talks, bull crap walks Thank you
  • Jace Buchanan commented on 12/20/2010
    All four areas need oversight. In addition, the Fed (whether it is even needed, who is really in control, as it is not a Fed agency), military spending and Congress itself. That is up to "we the people" and many are finally recognizing that responsibility.
  • Randall Roth commented on 12/20/2010
    I think we really need to establish term limits. Too many elected officials see these positions as careers and not public service jobs. They lie, cheat and steal to keep their jobs because it is so lucrative. I think term limits would have a greater long term positive impact on our country than anything else we could do. Next is line is entitlement programs. We need to dramatically reduce spending and the size of government.
  • Kathaleen Clark commented on 12/20/2010
    Since we all know that the Healthcare Reform wasn't really about Healthcare alone, then I feel that the other three categories are probably included in it, in some shape or form. All of the categories need reform. Let's face it, our economy is a mess. I, personally, have a beautiful rental townhome in Hickory, NC that has been vacant for over two years. I have tried to sell it through two different major Realtor Firms and I had one offer which was too low. I am not giving it away. No matter what people may think from out-of-state, but we, in HIckory NC are not giving away our Real Estate. We personally, will just have to wait it out. I voted for you, Patrick McHenry, and I expect you to continue fighting for us to see that we get more jobs. This is what will turn the economy around. It is good that the Bush Tax Cuts have been renewed, but this keeps things the same. We still need more jobs, so more people feel confident to spend and be able to pay their bills. I have been to your successful Townhall Meetings and I will continue to be there whenever I am able to. Please continue to help us. Thank you for the opportunity to give my opinion. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  • Lori McIntyre commented on 12/20/2010
    There really isn't a top priority among the four mentioned as they are all in need of reigning in!
  • James Buckner commented on 12/20/2010
    I picked one from your list, but all should be included. I have a feeling there are so many money spending and freedom denying bills and directives you will find that need work. As an example, today I saw they were trying to make it lawful to take down a web site with out any hearing or court order. No one should have that kind of authority. I believe there are hundreds of those kinds of laws that need to be looked at and reversed. thanks for taking on the job you have for the next two years and for being conservitive in your approach. You and your fellow Republicans have a huge job to do in the coming years.
  • Neal Thomas commented on 12/20/2010
    You promised you would bring the Czar's to testify. It is vitally important these extremists are exposed before America.
  • Judith Buchly commented on 12/20/2010
    No more pork spending period. No more earmarks. Straight votes on straight issues. Go Patrick!!
  • Barbara Pollard commented on 12/20/2010
    They are all important but probably health care is the most important right now.
  • reba reece commented on 12/20/2010
    All are very important but don't forget Amnesty and the open Mexican border that is letting the drug lords and illegal persons into our country. That is #1 for me
  • john oriente commented on 12/20/2010
    All four of these areas need significant oversight. Please, hold the newly elected officials accountable to remain conservative. They were elected with a mandate to govern in a fiscally conservative manner. If they go to Washington and join the problem instead of fix it, it will be much harder to support the R in two years. Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas! John Oriente
  • Janis Rogers commented on 12/20/2010
    I'm counting on you to make a difference. Thanks for what you do for all of us.
  • Richard Sutton commented on 12/20/2010
    Please leave "Obamacare" ALONE! It's just fine the way it is! I am disappointed that congress refused to tax the wealthiest Americans. We need revenue for debt reduction as well as reduced spending, however, we need to spend now to create jobs, and we need to TAX those who can best afford it!. I am glad the stimulus money has provided jobs in NC. It is obvious to me just traveling across the state on I-40. It is in MUCH better shape than it was a year ago.
  • Ray Sturgill commented on 12/20/2010
    Cleveland County needs jobs. This County is hurting real bad., Thank you,
  • Lee Becton commented on 12/20/2010
    I think they are all equally important. Why is there never any mention of cutting spending? I have done without at times to live within my means. Government should do the same thing. We need to give our manufacturers an incentive to bring our jobs home and then, maybe, we would also get some quality back into the products we are buying. Do we really believe these countries really care about the quality of the products they are sending to us?
  • mark thompson commented on 12/20/2010,jobs-you could pay your morgague-defund obamacare-start over-stop the bailouts and let our system take over-you are not too big to fail-stimulus has never really done any good
  • J Paige Straley commented on 12/20/2010
    First priortity is the Obamacare, as it is a drastically unconstitutional measure, and very much a socialist in character. Second is bailout oversite. Frankly, I feel as if poorly managed business should be allowed to reap the results of poor management. They will be liquidated and their assets distributed to a better management. JP Straley
  • Vic Branton commented on 12/20/2010
    Audit the FED. Find out where trillions of dollars have gone to. Reform the FDA and make them accountable to the people and not the drug and chemical companies. Monsanto needs to be stopped before they kill us all with their GMO foods.Drug companies are free to suppress negative clinical trial information with impunity. A drug can kill 10,000 people but a vitamin or herb can have one allergic reaction and they are ready to ban the substance. The whole system is set up to make more profit for the drug and chemical companies.
  • Brian McIntyre commented on 12/20/2010
    Can you provide more detailed information on the claim of requesting less information and fewer hearings. I would be interested in a table going back to 1992, by year, to compare the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Thank you Brian McIntye
  • Michael DiMartino commented on 12/20/2010
    Hi Pat, Merry Christmas to you, your family and all your staff. Thank's for the continued updates. Next time I'm in DC I'll stop in and say hello Hope you and the staff enjoyed Rose's Christms CD The next battle starts in Jan 11 ! every vote counts All the Best, Mike DiMartino, Rose Bonanza DiMartino
  • Tony Pendasulo commented on 12/20/2010
    Energy Policy, Where will the new congress place energy independence? Can we expect a sensible energy policy that utilizes our current resources while we develop alternative resources. It is shameful that fringe groups in our population affect the majority who feel the day to day result of a lack of intelligent policy. Are we waiting for another emergency to occur to force the issue or can we be proactive for once. Thank you
  • Pat Poston commented on 12/20/2010
    I would like for Congress to give some oversight to helping the COUNTRY, for heaven's sake, instead of political posturing masked as "oversight." Give me a break! If this committee wastes citizens' money and time on witch hunts and punishing Barack Obama for winning the last election, a lot of us will THROW UP. Where was all this precious concern for oversight during the Bush years? The hypocrisy is blatant and disgusting. We would be better served if this committee follows the usual pattern of Republicans in Congress and does NOTHING.
  • Madeleine Haas commented on 12/20/2010
    It was so hard to choose just one, as they all need looking into. I worry that we are into this ressession so far that we will never come out of it in my lifetime. Please keep on keeping on in watching Obama so he doesn't completely distroy this wonderful country. Merry Christmas!!
  • Jo Ann Ostrander commented on 12/20/2010
    ALL of the key areas definitely need to be investigated! It was hard to choose. Healthcare reform oversight andFannie Mae and Freddie Mac are equally important and the other two a close second. We are hoping you will totally repeal the healthcare reform and start over. That's why it's second to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Aurelia Poston commented on 12/20/2010
    To me. all four seem to be top priority, it is hard to pick only one. Thank you for your hard work and God Bless.
  • mildred carrier commented on 12/20/2010
    I appreciate all you do
  • Irene Mann commented on 12/20/2010
    I wanted to pick all four categories, because they should all be looked into and I'm sure it's hard to decide where to start!
  • Avery May commented on 12/20/2010
    I think healthcare and secure the borders as will as spending or wasting to much money.This healthcare is the wrong way to fix it this problem. There has got to be a better way. Avery D May Shelby, n.c.28152
  • Sandra Thomas commented on 12/20/2010
    Please investigate all four choices. Everything this administration is involved in may need to be investigated. Thank you.
  • Maureen McCormack commented on 12/20/2010
    Dear Congressman McHenry, I'd like to add that I think all of the topics on your poll are of great concern. I am thankful for yours and other Congressional and Senate workers vigilance. Sincerely, Maureen McCormack
  • Kandy Murray commented on 12/20/2010
    I feel Congress should take a hard look at the czars appointed by President Obama. They have taken over many areas that were formerly done by Congress. Congress needs to take back their power from the Administrative branch! One good example is the attempt by the FCC to regulate the internet. Congress has said that the power belongs to them, not the FCC, but apparently the FCC is still going to try to do it!
  • Thomas Turner commented on 12/20/2010
    All of the above are URGENT! If I had to pick one first though, I would pick fixing and/or oversight of the Obamacare healthcare reform.
  • Thomas Turner commented on 12/20/2010
    All of the above are URGENT! If I had to pick one first though, I would pick fixing and/or oversight of the Obamacare healthcare reform.
  • Matt Buchanan commented on 12/20/2010
    Could we make each one of those the top pirority. I'm not one of them is less important than the other. I feel the Obama Admin has failed at each one of these. Thanks
  • Harold Jones commented on 12/20/2010
    I feel that all four are important. But lack of oversight on Fannie Mae and Freddie was the main cause of are present situation. And could cause future problems.
  • James DeLelys commented on 12/20/2010
    Federal (TAX PAYOR) Incentive programs are 'thee' most abused, corrupt and overlooked by the people... but not for long. These programs use OPM Other Peoples' Money (TAX PAYOR) to make money by routing funds used to collect money in various Federal/State programs, then routes ALL that money through the Federal Reserve... Which in turn makes more money off from the TAX PAYOR. One problem: The Federal Reserve is running out of a TAX PAYOR base to 'suck' its funds from to initiate this unsustainable circle. And even if the economy was top notch, these programs are like a Ponzi scheme that is destined to put us right back into the same boat... that we are getting ready to board. (We're not at the bottom yet.).
  • Douglas Michael commented on 12/20/2010
    If the object is to find waste and abuse, simply go where the clues are. Don't "fish" - that would be wasteful. If there's evidence of abuse in all areas, investigate the areas where it seems most likely to find the largest quantity of abuse. On the other hand, if the object is to punish the other party, you better go after health care reform, an issue which must be entirely owned by the Democrats. The problems with Fannie, Freddie, the stimulus and bailouts all started in 2008 (or earlier) when the Republicans had the White House. Not that anyone will remember that.
  • Mike Taylor commented on 12/20/2010
    Financial institutions are ripping their customers off, trying to get back into the black after losing their collective butts in the mortgage loan industry. Exorbitant interest rates, (There used to be laws against loan-sharking and usury) late payment fees, and other fees tacked on ensure that credit card holders and debtors will NEVER get out of debt. Some regulation is needed, and soon. Past legislation merely created loopholes for the financial weasels to slip through.
  • Brenda Buchanan commented on 12/20/2010
    This was a very difficult choice to make because ALL of them are in desperate need of oversight.
  • David Turman commented on 12/20/2010
    If you want to investigate something, I would suggest investigating the causes leading to the financial crisis not the emergency steps taken to kee the country from total collapse. The Obama administration could have had a hay day with torture, war crimes, and mismanagement of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but chose to look forward and not drag the country down. I suggest you take the same approach. We need all attention of growing this economy and creating jobs, not gottcha politics. I am quite dismayed by the behavior of the Republicans in Congress over the last two years. You have been more focused on defeating Obama and regaining power than doing what is right for the country.
  • Wayne Persons commented on 12/20/2010
    Clearly, they are all very important and each should be reviewed. Since the stimulus money has not all been spent now would be a good time to determine which should be funded and which were not effective use of the money.
  • Kathy Pena commented on 12/20/2010
    It is my understanding that the housing market must improve before we can start to see an improvement in the overall economy and that's why I chose Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, however all four areas listed need to be addressed and dealt with. It amazes me that the problems our country is facing seem to be taken so lightly by many of the elected officials who are to be serving "We the People". I would love to see this country become strong spiritually, economically, morally and finanically. If everyone ran their household like the goverment runs its, we would all be in a world of trouble. Let's get it cleaned up and back on track and make it the America that it was. God Bless.
  • WILLIAM COLEMAN commented on 12/20/2010
    Get rid of oboma's czars!!!!!
  • Danny Woodring commented on 12/20/2010
    Now that is a hard choice. I chose healthcare because of the potential for a loss of citizen's rights. but all four items obviously need attention. Let the states decide these issues; the federal government should not be directly involved in any of these areas. In particular, the feds should not be anywhere near the money involved with the four mentioned items (and many others). If you can get these areas back to the states, American citizens will have a chance at self government again. Thanks, Danny
  • Jonathan Rogers commented on 12/20/2010
    I must say that all seem to be important in getting the economy back on track. We have lost jobs and housing, the new healthcare legislation is going to break the bank and the bank stimulus was a complete waste of tax payer money. So much of the stimulus money is still unaccounted for and what was accounted for was not the right money in the right places. As a teacher the money we spend to feed and educate the children of illegal immigrants is clearly a waste of resources better used to educate the legal citizens of this country. Legal labor instead of labor uncut by illegals would provide jobs lost to those who work cheaper thanks to no taxes but the use social services. The entitlement programs must be cut so we don't lose critical services to those who actually pay taxes. We need jobs, so repealing NAFTA is the white elephant in the room- our jobs are now overseas and no one seems to be interested in bringing them back. There are ways- like punishing companies through tarriffs and import taxes- that could bring back manufactoring jobs to the state of NC and the country as a whole. What jobs are available to North Carolina high school graduates? Minimum wage will not support a family but high paying production jobs are in Mexico and China. Not everyone is cut out for college. I appreciate all that you do, and that is why I voted for you. Please do all you can to bring the jobs back to North Carolina.
  • Michael Mowrey commented on 12/20/2010
    Your choices were very limited so I thought I would add some possibilities. I support a safety net for our disadvantaged citizens but I am concerned about the process of 'giving fish' instead of 'teaching them how to fish' logic I see in the fed gov't. I don't beleive this is isolated to either party, it seems to be systemic in the house and senate process which continues to ignore the deficit. When I was in industry as a controller we had many occasions to 'adjust to the marketplace' which required difficult decisions. If we cut the staff of all gov't elected officials by 25%, I suspect each official would have to make some priorty decisions which would bring the most important issues to the top. I suspect each staff member creates work & causes to be spent much more than is needed. Good luck and I wish you great success in 2011
  • Clarence G Wells, Sr commented on 12/20/2010
    I think all four areas should be monitered. kMedicare fraud is another area to be watched. Man more also.
  • Michael Marsala commented on 12/20/2010
    Here's a short list for you. (A Constitutional Convention may be needed for some.) 1. Repeal the Obamacare legislation. 2. NO MORE BAILOUTS OR STIMULUS PACKAGES. 3. Eliminate "earmarks" as they lead to unethical and corrupt behavior in government. Make inserting earmarks unlawful. 4. Open up areas in North Dakota & Alaska for oil exploration and drilling. 5. Find a way to get us out of the U.N. and evict the U.N. from the United States. 6. Raise pay for members of the armed forces. 7. Make it a federal offense for a U.S. President/ Attorney General to willfully fail in securing our national borders. 8. Make English our official national language. Failure to do these things will result in the certain fall of the United States, just as Rome fell in the 5th century A.D.
  • Carole Mace commented on 12/21/2010
    All four choices definitely need attention! These are only a very few government items needing attention. I expect the Republicans to address "all" that is wrong in DC and with the same urgent attention that has been given in the last week. I believe the people of this country are physically and mentally sick of our government. We sent you there to work and expect the same type of dedication which has been shown in this Lame Duck session when you convene in January. Quit piddle paddling around and earn your pay. The voters have told you want we want - you shouldn't have to ask! Give us our country back so we can be proud Americans once again.
  • Leland Pritchard commented on 12/21/2010
    I think it is a toss up between ObamaCare and Freddie/Fanny. The former will kill our healthcare costs for years to come, and Freddie/Fanny have already contributed to the failure of our financial security towards home ownership (Which used to be known as the American Dream)
  • Jim Zeunik commented on 12/21/2010
    There are many good points raised by your constituents, but the remarks by Bill and Barbara Currens regardung laws for Congress and seperate laws for non-Congessional citizens really are the most appealing to many of us. Not much chance of that idea ever becoming law, since most Congessman and Senators are first and foremost self-serving low lifes. So far Mr. McHenry, you do not seem to fit that description.
  • Tom Riley commented on 12/21/2010
    All should be a priority but "Health Care" will affect the life of so many people that I will ask that it put the number one priority. Thanks for all you do for us.
  • Jack Kulik commented on 12/21/2010
    A good start! Healthcare is the number one issue followed by Fannie Mae, wasteful stimulus spending and bailout spending. Look into these "Obama solutions" and find out what really is going on at the White House. This is a start, a good start in taking back our country. DIG DEEP MY FRIEND, DIG DEEP!!!
  • Eugenia Manning commented on 12/21/2010
    Along with oversight I firmly believe Congress should abide by EVERY law they pass, participate in the same health care plan they pass for the people, participate in the same Social Security that the people participate in, and look at their retirement in the light of the present economy and what the average person's retirement plans are. It irritates me that they are above so much of what they dictate for the people.
  • Tim Anton commented on 12/21/2010
    I keep hearing that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still in need of federal money, last I heard by Barney Frank is that everything is sound in the mortgage industry, that was back in '07 when he was questioned about it. Now, the way I look at it, HE, should be investigated more so than maybe Charlie Rangel (D NY). Wasn't Barney having an affair with one of the top men of that agency? Hmmmm, sounds like a good reason to investigate Barney to see what he is up to. Nobody wants to do that cause he is GAY and they are afraid all the gays will come after them I want to see the next president repeal everything NOBAMA has signed into law as he did with Geo.Bush when he left office. Next is NObamacare, which is unconstitutional and also should be repealed , This guy was never qualified and will NEVER BE qualified to run this country and has done nothing but take up precious time by even being in the office. He is a Habitual Liar and has done nothing, NOT NOTHING, he said he would do. I'd like to see what his definition of "Transparency" is. 740 days till we get OUR country back from the "Socialists". Patrick how 'bout introducing a law that all presidential candidates take a test on the U.S. Constitution and if they cannot answer the questions or answer them the correct way they are removed from the ballot AND that they all have to show proof of citizenship.This guy has no idea what transparency is by any stretch of the imagination. "Nip It In The Bud" as 'ole Barney Fife would say.
  • Mac Hoffman commented on 12/21/2010
    The four topics all need attention even thought I chose health care. Another item that would mean millions, if not billions, would be to investigate GSA. I believe you would find millions of items stored all over the world, in rented space, that we the people own but are not being used. No need to buy new furniture for the new congressmen . We already own it and it will be new to them. Keep up the good work.
  • Sophia Gunzelman commented on 12/21/2010
    While Obamacare tops my list, it is important to address all 4 of these issues. Obamacare should be first on the agenda because full implementation of this massive spending and control bill will cripple our freedoms.
  • Jack Lambert commented on 12/21/2010
    The Federal Government as a whole should be listed as one of the oversight choices. Healthcare is one that needs oversight especially the way that it affects the senoirs of this country and the closing of the doughnut hole since you do not want to adjust the income for retirees to keep up with the rising cost of living. All the choices listed are highly important so get busy and cut out all the Pork Barrell spending habits of the government.
  • Edward Blair commented on 12/21/2010
    It's obvious that the Republicans like you will use "oversight" committees (as have Democrats in the past) for partisan positioning and attacks instead of working to find common ground to deal with the critical issues facing our country. I pray that we will survive the current poisonous atmosphere that you and your colleagues from both parties have created. Shame on you.
  • Paul Yantchook commented on 12/21/2010
    Top Priorities, not in order of importance, are: 1) Defund Fannie & Freddie 2) Repeal Obamba Care, or at least defund it 3) Spend any left over Stimulus Money, if any, solely on Infrastructure 4) Freeze all Bailouts and demand payback 5) Freeze the Debt Ceiling, gradually reduce it, and balance the budget 6) Stop the Fed (Private Bankers) from monetizing the debt and out of control spending which is tanking our dollar 7) Stop spending Social Security funds on programs not related to Social Security 8) Stop taking funds out of Medicare 9) Stop passing new laws that spend more money 10) Instead of sending our troops and money to enforce Mexico's southern border, let us use those troops and money to enforce Mexico's northern border with our Country 11) Pass a Congressional Resolution to insure that any new law states specifically what section of our Constitution applies 12) Pass a Congressional Resolution that allows all members of both houses a minimum of 5 full days to review any new laws before voting 13) Eliminate all earmarks 14) And so on, and so on! Please do not fundamentally change our Country, which is the best Country in the World. If there are areas that may need improvement, fine, but let us get back to our Constitution, and keep our Country as the best Country in the World.
  • David Romano commented on 12/21/2010
    We the People will respect all that you pursue as long as you do it in an honorable and just way. It is a target rich environment, please choose carefully and BE TRANSPARENT. The GOP members of the 112th Congress have the extreme serious duty to prove to We the People that you are worthy of our continued support in future election cycles. Make us proud! Godspeed.
  • Bob Smith commented on 12/21/2010
    We need to defund the OBABANATION called Healthcare, if the courts don't find that it is unconstituional. Also, Obama, a wantabe Hitler, needs to be stopped. He and his cohorts Reid and Pelosi need to be sat down and talked to. They should be tried for TREASON. WE have to take the country back......The Democrats still don't get it. They are either blind or stupid and I think they still see Ok, so......
  • Carl Sanislo commented on 12/21/2010
    When everything is important nothing is important. I like the approach of your choice of four areas. Pick two. The first is top priority, numero uno. The second choice can be worked on in the backround. I picked "Obamacare" oversight. Maybe it would lead to defunding and eventual repeal when people realize what a bureaucratic structural nightmare it will become and how "death panels" do not work in your favor.
  • Dalton Medford commented on 12/21/2010
    People making wild and unjustified complaints about policies with which they do not agree. Example: Any form of government health care such as requiring people to purchase insurance so others do not have to pay their medical bill or the hospitals do not have to treat them free.
  • KEITH LYNN commented on 12/21/2010
    All four of these are of great concern ...AND all four need to be addressed and worked on to correct and restore and put this country on a solid path for our children and our their children future ... if not I fear that we will slip into a state of demise ... .... pls do all you can for this great nation ...
  • D H De Vore commented on 12/21/2010
    To be sure, Thomas Jefferson anticipated the problems with the adopting the central banking system. The FED, as you may well know, is not a federal entity; it is a private bank that was formed in the early part of the last century to facilitate bailing out the U.S. from a bankrupt status that existed at that time. Now, they have too much power, have no business trading securities and should not be allowed to continue to acquire smaller institutions in order to dominate a given sector or demographic. That's problem number one. Perhaps when Ron Paul chairs the oversight committee there will be changes made in this regard and the federal tax system will be completely reconfigured and constructed on a logical premise. There is, without a doubt, too much government, too many government employees, branches and a plethora of programs that don't even come close to operating efficiently. The primordial problems began when the unions were able to represent all government employees, including the municipal sectors, which now find themselves unable to operate in a fiscal responsible manner. There will soon be an overwhelming majority of government employees over the private sector which makes it economically impossible to fund the payrolls, not to mention the excessive benefit packages. These debts will become non serviceable if they haven't reached that point as we speak. The housing sector is literally at the mercy of the banking policies. If the banks underwrote loans to people they should, with best efforts, adjust the interest rate or re-write the loan to accomodate the present circumstance of the property owner. Some monies are better than none and the socioeconomic effects would far and away be positive. If the citizen is earning less then he/she should be able to adjust the amortization of the mortgage accordingly. In the long run the banks would fare far better than evicting people, letting the property become decimated, driving down value for the adjacent dwellings, providing a haven for illegal drug activities, etc., etc. If there is no financing for small business there is no possible way for this economy to accelerate. It is simple economics!! The majority of jobs are indeed created by the smaller of the business entities. Why is this so difficult to comprehend? Certainly big business is very liquid, have become lean and efficient but will not be able to sell goods and services to a populace that doesn't have income from which to fund purchases. Yes, big business has foreign markets with stable economies, but we must take care of our own first and foremost. The tea party may be the beginning of a dramatic shift in political philosophy and we must guard that it does not percipitate into a revolution. The old Chinese adage: "Common Sense Not So Common" appears to have merit.
  • Sharon Keuper commented on 12/21/2010
    I would like to see the white house budget be the same budget that President Bush had. Who is paying all the "czars" and Michelle's staff if not we, the taxpapers. If the Obama's had a limited budget they could pay all the extra help out of their own pockets. I wonder how many of them would stay on the payroll if not paid by the taxpayers.
  • William Higbie commented on 12/21/2010
    All this talk about repealing Obama Care is just that "TALK". It isnt going to happen. Also conducting oversight will not change a thing and waste valuable congressional time. Oversight didnt work in Reagan, Bush, Carter, Clinton, Bush 43, and now it wont accomplish anything in Obama Admin. Seems my party just talks about deficit reduction and does nothing as we did nothing but increase deficit during the Bush, and Reagan years. Now we have the king of all spenders Barach Obama and we just passed legislation that will add nearly 1 billion to the deficit with Bi Partisan support. Lets get to work and cut spending including defense. The new republican party needs to be like Ron and Ran Paul, deficit hawks.
  • Lee Ann MacMillan commented on 12/21/2010
    Hey Patrick! 1st of all, I hope U & Julia have a WONDERFUL 1st C-Mas, on to business...I voted for repealing O'care as our "health" is the controling "legal authority". In that, "they" will regulate our every breath based on how much it will cost relating to our wellness and that is as close to living in Cuba as U can get! ALL of the above are VERY important but IF we can get that Amendment BillCurrens mentioned passed it will mean ALL 3 branches of Gov't are NOT above the law we citizens live with. There is a rsn our Founding Fathers warned us to be skeptical of our lawmakers...and THIS is it! THIS IS YOUR JOB!!! The real ques now that the GOP is back in control of the HOUSE is will YOU actually DO as you have been promising............time will tell; "We the People" will be watching. Oh! and get rid of those Czars!!!
  • Michael Martin commented on 12/21/2010
    All of the topics are major concern and should be addressed. I would also ask you to submit a bill for "Term Limits" and continue to push the bill until enacted into law. If there were term limits people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would not hold so much power and could not ram unwanted laws down our throats. We the people have no "Control" of idiot represenatives that are out of our district. The only way to restore sanity and the Constitution is to impose Term Limits.
  • Bobby Wayne Canipe Jr commented on 12/21/2010
    You can see by all the comments that the American people are tired and fed up with our Government body as it is now. The people hired you and the others in Washington to govern and represent us in the matters concerning the people. According to the US Constituition--- We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. . My main concern for you to work on is our present taxation system. This alone effects us all and our children and our futures. We as a nation are bankrupt and it's all because of the ir-responsibility of our government! Stop spending and funding earmarks, special interests of certain wealthy individuals and un-necessary spending. Stop Bailing out Big Company's who turn around and use the money to pay for CEO's lavish lifetstyles. If the government had not wasted the peoples tax dollars, we would not have to pay so exuberatley our hard earned money to fund the government. We are not ignorant as to what is going on and I'm telling you that the non-sense needs to stop now! Our Government needs to do right by the people and reduce taxes and completely revamp our unjust tax system. Thank You for taking comments from a Concerned Citizen.
  • Ed Welch commented on 12/21/2010
    Hard choice......But we must "stop the bleeding". So much of Fannie, Freddie, and the bail outs money is gone forever. Just stop the new money from being spent and lost.
  • Joseph Satrape commented on 12/22/2010
    All four issues are important and I feel the our "out of control" spending is going to harm us for decades! Earmarks are taken lightly - people say they are only 1/2 of 1% of the total budget. If we match them agains what is left after mandatory spending, I'll bet it is a much larger and significant percentage! Thanks for all you do for us. Keep up the good and conservative work.
  • Dana Nesbitt commented on 12/22/2010
    Healthcare in this nation must be fixed. Obamacare isn't the answer but carrying on the way we've been going isn't either. Healthcare and insurance is insane the way it currently is. Get on this first. Second and very important... every public servant (all elected officials) should live with the same rules and conditions as their constituents. If we get Obamacare, YOU get Obamacare, etc, ad infinitum. You MUST stop positioning yourselves as the ruling class. We fought a war against that once, let's not do it again. Immediately reform the tax laws. Everyone should have to pay; no deductions; period. If you make a dollar, you pay. If you make a billion, you pay. The exact percentage is up to ya'll to figure out in order to fund the work of the federal govt. I'm suggestting 25% across the board and repeal all the "hate" taxes that are unneeded. Stop pork barrel spending. Inact the line item veto. ANY President should be able to say no to stuff added into a bill that has nothing to do with the bill. Come on guys, stand up and be honest. If you want to pander for something, go on the record for it. Term limits on House and Senate. Patriots worry about the next generation, Politicians worry about the next election. Which are you? Thanks for all you do. Keep the conservative fires burning.
  • Clyde and Barbara Baird commented on 12/22/2010
    Unfortunately, I could only choose one, but I feel that all of them are extremely important and need to be dealt with immediately. I personally would ask you to introduce a bill to the House asking them to take a cut in their pay and to enact a pay freeze for the House and Senate as well. I thank God for you and the fact that you have stood firm on the things that your constiuents are concerned about. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you and your precious family with a most joyous Christmas celebration.
  • V. CORLAZZOLI commented on 12/22/2010
  • Ronald Franklin commented on 12/23/2010
    All four of the areas on the poll are very important. I believe oversight should be exercised over all aspects of government. The GOP has a wonderful opportunity to show the people of this country that they respect them and listen. Cut spending and stop free handouts. Cut off the "League of Nations" and get back to spending for US first. We do not have money to give away. Close the border for security now. Quit support for the UN. All third world countries are good causes but keep U.S. first in our priorities.
  • H Clair commented on 12/24/2010
    I would certainly support term limits to prevent the lowlife liars who have taken over the Republican party from turning the US into a third world country. Immense damage was committed against the US during the rein of the criminals Bush and Cheney. We must prevent any further degradation of what is left of our country. Americans need to stick together and not allow anyone to sell their birthright to the highest corporate bidder. Healthcare, a decent education, and equal rights should be available to all of our children; not just those born to the robber barons who have sent our jobs overseas to line their own pockets. These scoundrels control nearly all the media these days, and spread outrageous lies in an attempt to take complete control and drain the last dollars from our pockets. We must work together to get our country back to some kind of normal middle ground again. We need laws that will guarantee prison for those who purposelyspread lies through the media. That might be a good start.
  • Carrol Goodson commented on 12/24/2010
    It is time we restored American jobs by bring back the jobs that have been sent overseas. (There is no other way) Do this by placing import tarrifs on goods made in other countries by previous American companies and American companies that are considering the move to foreign soil. Also it is time that we STOP earmarks and make it impossible to attach these to other bills. We must reign the out of control costs and the Washington Government should be the beginning point.JOBS HAS TO BE THE NUMBER ONE AGENDA ALONG WITH REDUCING COSTS ESPECIALLY THE COST OF GOVERNMENT.
  • Ron Spiker commented on 12/25/2010
    I believe that the HealthCare Law passed in the last congress should be overturned and only specifics such as how to deal with existing or should I say excluding health issue be address and other similiar issues to assist a more level playing field for all citizens. Second I believe we need to address export and import issues. I believe the central point of trade is to ensure that between 55 and 60 percent of items consumed in the US are made in the US or its territories. May God Bless our Government and grant them Wisdom to Govern.
  • Richard Bittner commented on 12/25/2010
    We should move to pass a constitutional amendment banning all direct campaign contributions. There should be a kitty people can contribute to which will distribute money equally amongst all candidates who are on the ballot.
  • David Greene commented on 12/25/2010
    The recently 'rammed through' healthcare bill IS unconstitutional and should be declared so by all conservative Republican representatives! Not only can we not afford it, we shouldn’t have to because it is illegal to start with! This is followed by a close second: Fannie Mae ; Freddie Mac! These are the source of our present economic woes, killing off a horrendous amount of jobs and costing hundreds of Americans their homes! Followed closely by: Wasted (NOT wasteful) stimulus spending, which, between the healthcare fiasco AND the stimulus spending leaves our newborns in debt to their deathbeds! This insanity has GOT to be stopped! We’ve got to get back to the original purpose of the federal government, a limited government that follows the constitution!
  • Vickie Hovis commented on 12/26/2010
    The Heathcare Bill is bull. All needed to be done was the insurance companies made to take people who are ill when they sign up, taken. A freeze on the money they charge people and they pay nothing. The medication companies a watchdog on prices or a freeze. This making people take genric drugs that are not good as the name brand is bull. Why should I not be able to take name brand drugs? I have taken them before the encomy got so bad, we barely have enough to eat, my husband founded a job, but the pay is not good, nor the benefits, we have the mexicans to thank for that. I know the difference in the two drugs, genric, brand name I now have seizures because of it, when I did not before when I could afford a name brand. This is sealing, taking from the real citizens. God bless, Vickie
  • Tim Clark commented on 12/28/2010
  • Catherine Reynolds commented on 1/7/2011
    All of the above, plus czars that couldn't possibly pass an FBI clearance (neither could Dear Reader), ACORN, and so on thugs and money launderers. Thank you so much for just the first few days of GOP majority - you guys ROCK already!! Keep up the good work!
  • mary hoppes commented on 2/9/2011
    These are all important and I support you in "trying" to do anything about them. I am most concerned though about the HUGE military budget. I agree with others in saying that American foreign interventionalism (WAR) causes "blowback" and does us no good in the world in which the US must interact. The gov is broke and should start on big money saving such as withdrawing quickly from Afghanistan, Iraq(did we really need the billion dollar embassy there?) Withdraw, bring young Americans home intact asap (now). I've heard that SS is broke-you're considering reducing the amount SS recipients get-in view of the salaries, retirement plans, healthcare and other benefits gov officials get in relation to the same benefits and salaries people in NC get, those gov benefits should be brought in line with private compensation and benefits. Does the term "public SERVANT" mean anything to people who vote themselves raises, benefits and immunity from items such as "drug testing" that is common place in private companies. Yet Congress voted themselves immune from this and immune from revealing financial transactions which may have benefited them from "insider information". Can't blame you for these actions but integrity and ethics and honesty are going to have to come in somewhere from public servants! The small amounts saved from cutting SS, food stamps, etc from the most needy in this time of inflation could better be saved by cutting military spending and the too big to fail corporations, foreign aid to buy puppets in other countries. Put Americans first! Set up a committee of private citizens to READ the bills and explain them to you before the vote. Give local newspapers the go ahead to print the truth-bet their poor circultion would improve! There's going to have to be more private involvement. I know we're working too hard to earn a living, raise the kids to keep an eye on gov when they're so very UN transparent. Help us help you with your ethics.
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