McHenry's "Answers for the 10th" - Repealing ObamaCare

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Posted by Staff on April 30, 2010
Congressman McHenry is back with this week's edition of "Answers for the 10th."  Today's video addresses a common theme from many of your comments last week: repealing ObamaCare.

Please continue to share your thoughts and additional questions with the Congressman on his video blog.  Post your feedback and questions in the Comments section, and have a great weekend.
The opinions expressed below are those of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of this office.
  • Joe Brown commented on 4/30/2010
    Thank you for voting AGAINST ALL of the people in North Carolina!
  • Janette Nichols commented on 4/30/2010
    Will you write and sponsor a bill that prevents illegals from getting medicaid/medicare, food stamps, WIC, and subsidized housing? I would also like to see that in order for a child if an illegal to obtain citizenship, at least one of the parents must be a naturalized citizen.
  • marilyn ramsey commented on 4/30/2010
    would you be in favor of term limits for the house and senate
  • Terry Sigmon commented on 4/30/2010
    Congressman, I appreciate you answer about repealing "Obamacare", but are you willing to stand up for what you say you believe? Are you willing to make sacrifices like Glenn Beck and other true conservatives to fight for our freedom from government takeover of our Health Care systems, Industries, Banks and religious freedoms? I appreciate the way you have voted on the issues so far, and yes, I observe every vote you cast, but are you willing to put "it" all on the line and show us that you have the courage of your convictions? If you have the Faith in your beliefs, we have the strength to support you, but if you become one of "them", you will no longer represent the voters of the 10th district. Thanks, Thanks,
  • Roger & Trish Gaskins commented on 4/30/2010
    Congressman McHenry, Thank you for voting against Obama care. You are a true statesman and not just another politician, it seems. Please vote against PR statehood, vote for audit of the Fed Reserve, cap & tax, and finally, against any bailouts. Freedom also means Freedom to Fail. Decrease not increase the deficit. Our grandchildren's futures are at stake. Please, with God's help, help us. Our US Constitution is sacred, not rubber to bend and sway, but carved in granite. Sincerely,
  • Terry Elmore commented on 4/30/2010
    Dear Congressman McHenry, Why is it that President Obama hasn't had to proud that he is an American Citizen. It seems like people are trying to keep this under wraps and that isn't fair to the American's. Also the illegal immigrants are getting away with breaking the laws of our government and the American's have to pay the price for doing something illegal and I know that is how it should be ,but the illegal immigrants are suppose to pay for their crimes. And they are breaking our law by being here illegal. When is Washington going to wake up before we are all under the government laws. Our FREEDOM is being taken away everyday day by day and we need to wake up. People need to VOTE in NOVEMBER and Clean House up there. I am proud to have you as our congressman in the 10th. district you are one of the people we can depend upon. God Bless Terry Elmore
  • Edith Kurie commented on 4/30/2010
    If there is any way to repeal this unconstitutional bill? Why do so many people not understand that it undermines the basis of freedom in that it allows free access to our bank accounts. I am also hearing certain groups of individuals are exempt from it. There is also a Christian-based health care organization that claims to offer a health care that exempts Christians from obamacare. Thank you. (was not able to hear audio when your video blog played and my sound controls were connected and on).
  • KEN FLAGG commented on 4/30/2010
    If you do not fund the plan it will go away that is my veiw
  • James Hudspeth commented on 4/30/2010
    I have been trying to find an answer to this question, but I have no idea where to look. Please answer this, if you can. Obamacare demands that they start taking the money from us now, and it will start in 2014. My question is, who is going to hold the money? Congress is not known to be able to keep it's hands off money just laying around. Or is it that we are supposed to buy from insurance companies? I am indigent right now. What am I supposed to do? Thank you Jim Hudspeth
  • Scott Livingston commented on 4/30/2010
    What are YOU doing to curb the flow of illegal aliens into the United States?
  • Judy Pope commented on 4/30/2010
    Is it true that Obama is going to overturn no child left behind? If so where does that leave the families whose children are going to public schools under this plan? Where do you stand on this issue? Will children who are now protected under No Child Left Behind continue to be able to get the accommodations they need in order to secure a proper education and secure their futures? Also could you please address what is being done to improve the "job" situation in our area?
  • Deris James commented on 4/30/2010
    WOW....Has Felicity ever watched a news program or read a paper? Health care for most Americans is now a reality. Those who currently have it will enjoy lower costs in the future. Where was the congressman in containing costs and improving health care for so many in his employment ravaged district when GWB was President. How about supporting someone who actually does something rather than someone who is nothing but stagant and against everything????? How about being FOR soemthing rather than just scarring those who can't think for themselves? Time for an election I'd say.....
  • Blenda Sutton commented on 4/30/2010
    Myself & my husband will be supporting you in the primary on May 4th...I fully support all your efforts & fighting for the right policies/agendas in congress for the people & our communities in Western NC...I do not support the Obama care, the major reason is I do not want the government involved in deciding my healthcare, I feel this is between myself & the physicians that I have...I am disabled & also on Medicare, & it really scares me to know that this adminstration is using money from the Medicare Program to fund healthcare for other american's, so they can be treated w/quality healthcare...My husband is a Veteran, & is very upset about the way this government is being handled as well...We feel we have lost the american dream, freedom & justice for our country...Thank-you for all you are doing & wish you the best of luck...I appreciate your e-mails & keeping us informed w/ all you have been doing to help our citizens.....Thanks again, Blenda
  • Robert Loe commented on 4/30/2010
    Why do you use glossy mailings? Wouldn't it be cheaper to use plain paper?
  • Nancy Burch commented on 4/30/2010
    First let me thank you for all you do for us in your district and for what you're pushing so hard to do in Congress for our once great nation. I would like to know why the promise of doing away with NAFTA (by Obama) was one of his first promises to be dropped after the (as he called it) "naugaration". That is the biggest reason for job losses in the 10th district of North Carolina. Have there been any plans to try to remove it? I know we're faced with so many things that need to be fixed but joblessness is pretty high on our list. Praying for your win in Nov. 2010
  • Dona Chapman commented on 4/30/2010
    Thank you so much for this blog. On the Glenn Beck Show on FoxNews Glenn showed 14 large pages of new government bureaucracies created by this bill before the camera panned away. There were at least 18 pages with at least 15 bureaucracies per page. This is an unacceptable expansion of government, and I very much believe the bill needs to be repealed. I don't know where you stand on Cobra benefits for the unemployed. It is very beneficial for our family at this time. My husband is an MBA, CPA and was Director of Finance before his company moved their accounting from their company here in Hickory to there headquarters. Of course a number of people are looking for jobs. At my husband's level and with his many years of experience, it could take many months for him to locate another job, so we and the others in the same position are grateful for the help the government provides. It is fair to say that we have been honest taxpayers for over 35 years. We do believe that jobs and the economy are the most important issues facing your constituents at this time. Thank you, Dona Chapman
  • Margaret Knox commented on 4/30/2010
    The need for health care reform has been recognized by both parties for decades. The fact that our country, which is one of the richest in the world, has people, including children, who die every day because of the lack of access to adequate health care is something that every person should be at least concerned about if not horrified by. I saw a cartoon recently that showed two older men sitting on a park bench. One turns to the other and states, "I'd rather have you die than for me to have to pay a little more in taxes". That pretty much covers it.
  • Ray Slaughter commented on 4/30/2010
    Can you name one federally run program that has been run correctly and is not going broke? If not, why does Congress keep trying to start new ones?
  • thomas pike commented on 5/1/2010
    the truth of the matter though is that people and their doctors are not in control of their healthcare....THE INSURANCE COMPANIES are and the sooner you people in washington address that issue health care truly is a myth. Though it may be I have excellent care within the VA system my spouses healthcare constantly refuses to cover some things and denies coverage in others and its Blue Cross. And don't think for one minute that shooping in other states is an answer. If the doctor or clinc or hospital does not accept or allow that carrier you have to pay up front the entire bill and hope you can get re-imbursed....You might have thousands laying around but not too may here in NC actually do. Of course the simple solution is wait till the individual is almost dead and shows up at the ER and then the government will pay for it anyway. I really don't know what you guys are thinking but it can no longer be buisness as usual when it come to healthcare....Now do something about the immigration problem before people start shooting one another. Jeeze.
  • Lonnie Ray commented on 5/1/2010
    You continue to vote the way I think. Thanks
  • Dennis Sayers commented on 5/1/2010
    I am very happy to hear your comments on Obama Care. I feel that the benefits are few and the costs are extreme and many more people will be hurt than are helped. I am totally for a complete repeal of this law and support an ammendment stating that all laws passed by congress MUST include all congress persons just like all citizens. Any one who voted for Obama Care or against repeal of this law, will definalely lose 2 votes in the next time they are up for re-election. Keep up your good work. I feel you represent us very well.
  • Virginia Champion commented on 5/1/2010
    As a senior citizen we do not want to lose our Dr's and we want Good Health Care at a reasonable cost. Our premiums go up every year for all of our insurance and Medicare and Med. D. It is all we can do now to survive. We are drawing less this year but the cost of living is going up all the time. We have to pay the same price that everyone pays but we have lass money.
  • Jane Johnson commented on 5/1/2010
    Concerning health care, the status quo is unacceptable. What do you propose? Please be specific.
  • kristi marlow commented on 5/1/2010
    Keep up the good work!
  • Bill Steinmiller commented on 5/1/2010
    What are we going to do about the estate taxes this year and next? Why can't you (Congress) deal with the immigration issue once and for all after the election and secure (seal) the borders?. Tell me why can not a police officer ask me for my drivers licence or ID if I was speeding. Is this racial profiling and against the 4th amendment? Tourists carry their passport in the USA.
  • Joe Robbins commented on 5/1/2010
    Thanks for standing up AGAINST "Obama Care". How can people in their right mind support such costly bill ? Do you know anything about "H.R. 45 Blair Holt Fire Arm Bill" ? Thank you Joe
  • Billy Ellis commented on 5/1/2010
    On the health care. Is it true that we will have to swipe a card when we go to the store and the insurance company will be able to see what we are buying?
  • Carl Wilson commented on 5/1/2010
    OK, you voted against "ObamaCare". I know the Democrats are in control. Why? Is the U.S. citizenry stupid? Average income Americans do not feel represented regarding their hopes and ambitions. I know that government is not my caretaker. But are we getting our money's worth in terms of what we invest in taxes each year? Are we a socialistic country? Are we a country that takes care of our weak and helpless? Do we accommodate and accommodate? Do you know that Americans are paying $500, $800, $1000 per month for medical insurance. Do you know that hundreds of thousands of average Americans are out of work or have not received a pay raise in two years? Did you many average Ameican's IRA's that were socked into Mutual Funds were raped? No one bailed out my 35% loss in my retirement. In fact, when I withdrew what I had left, government taxed me fully. I knew I owed the tax, but how do you think it feels to pay the full tax on less than what you started out with? I don't trust the banks, the investment companies, Wall Street, lawyers, the medical system, and most politicians. I did not feel like this a few years ago. But now my eyes have been opened to the greed and self interest of people that are supposed to have a fiduciary responsibility towards those they serve. We are a corrupt land. It will get worse. A few are getting caught, but the vast majority get away with it. The Republicans and the Democrats can't fix illegal aliens in our land. I have compassion for the poor in many countries. What if you came home tonight and two people had moved onto your property? What would you do? You'd call the police? Are our hands so tied that we can't figure out a valid social security number, a person's place of birth, why they just started working at 25 or 30 in America, whether or not they were born here, if they have a green card? Give me a break. Before you know it our land will be filled with people who have no concept of the ideals we have been trying to hammer out these past two hundred years. I used to think that I could trust our companies to export our jobs to China, because they probably could see the economic sense. Now I see that it is short term greed. Look who is lending America money now. We need leaders of integrity, not Republicans and Democrats. If you read this, please let me know. Carl Wilson 828-238-5364
  • Joseph Young commented on 5/2/2010
    To the Honorable Patrick McHenry, I voted for President Obama because of his stances on health care (not Obamacare, a term I find to be undignified and offensive). I support the legislation you opposed. Not all of your constituents agree with your point of view. You may have opposed this legislation to find yourself out of office when if a call for repeal materializes. Rather than pour energy into repeal effort, craft and support legislation that would help a North Carolina which has been greatly hurt by this Great Recession. Respectfully, Joseph Young of Morganton, NC, a constituent
  • Amelia Henderson commented on 5/2/2010
    Thank you for voting against this healthcare bill that the majority of the people did not want. I do hope it is repealed. Thanks for representing the citizens of Cleveland County.
  • Patricia Jackson commented on 5/2/2010
    I appreciate your response regarding Obama Health Care. I hope you are actively working to help stop illegal immigration. We cannot as a nation with bad economic times keep all these people up. Also, I really like the Oklahoma candidate who is trying to get the DMV to issue only English speaking tests. Good idea!!. Thanks for listening.
  • F Albert commented on 5/3/2010
    I was imagining what the congressional supporters of ObamaCare would do when they personally experience the phenomenally inefficient government-run anything. There seems to be this astonishing myopia when it comes to the ideal of health care for everyone and what that will actually look like. Have any of these folks ever had a family member on disability? The nightmare of getting coverage for my aunt with MS has been truly amazing. Getting through the red tape of bureaucracy at that government agency has literally required a full time person to do it. My guess is those who implement more bureaucracy have a radically different solution when they themselves get to wrangle with bureaucrats. I'll bet they simply pull the right strings and make things move on their own behalf, conveniently ignoring that those without this power simply can't get what they need. Absolutely, if you make this law, you should be governed by it yourself. Ideology is useless if it doesn't produce the results you think it should. Don't make a sweeping new law and then ignore what it actually produces.
  • Tamara Smith commented on 5/3/2010
    Thank you so much for your excellent voting record. you have my vote tomorrow. My question is: Since deliberate deception is fraud and against the law for ordinary citizens, is deception not against the law for politicians and those in media? If it is, why are they not prosecuted for it? Why must we leave a president (and many in congress) in office until next election when they are boldly breaking Constitutional law and destroying the nation? Many Americans are calling it treason. Why can't the law be enforced on law-breakers in Washington DC and the media who are selling our country out? Please talk with the other conservative Republicans about this and give the nation an answer on this. Who is suppose to enforce the law on them? God Bless America.
  • Scott Thomas commented on 5/3/2010
    I am so tired of hearing the tea-baggers and the other misinformed and misled talking about repealing "Obamacare" It may not be a perfect solution. But for how many years have the GOP (and yes...Dems too!) been kissing corporate asses instead of attempting to come up with any kind of a plan that might benefit the average American citizen. Now someone stood up and tries to come up with a program, and all the GOP could do was misinform the public and block any progress any way they could! Is that the most constructive way to represent your constiuents? And this illusion that "we don't want the Government in control of our healthcare"? Citizens in the Country haven't been "in control" of their healthcare, or much else for that matter. Could a Government run healthcare system be any worse than one run buy the corporate greed of the insurance and pharmaceuticals industries? And a note on the subject of "Government running our lives..." Might I remind all that our Government is OF THE PEOPLE... BY THE PEOPLE... AND FOR THE PEOPLE. If isn't serving the PEOPLE then its because the PEOPLE aren't running their Government! Mr. McHenry, you are one of the few Re-pugs I still vote for and support on most issues. Please be a representative of the people and not the corporations. And before "repealing "anything, come up with an alternative that benefits us average joes! Dont serve a "party" Serve us Citizens!
  • Ross Henderson commented on 5/3/2010
  • Debbie Hollar commented on 5/4/2010
    I agree !!! If the insurance bill is good enough for Americans, then the President and Congress should have to us as well.
  • Neal Thomas commented on 5/6/2010
    If you as a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee cannot even get Obam'a Czar's to testify, what makes you think you can repeal what is now the law of the land? Wake up people, the Progressives knew they only needed a "simple majority" to pass Healthcare and it did 219 to 212. However, to repeal a law would require an absolute majority. Until Nov 4th there are 257 Dem's and 178 Rep in the House. In order for Healthcare to be repealed with an "absolute, or 2/3rd's majority" the GOP would have to pick up 148 seats on Nov 4th. Even for the biggest optimist in the world that is Fantasy Island talk. No Healthcare passed on McHenry's watch and we all might as well get used to it.
  • John Gray Hunter Jr commented on 5/17/2010
    Repealing the Health Care Bill.... which is bad because of all the Repug ideas in it.. cannot be cannot be repealed. You want to put Ronald Reagan on the $50? (Grant did more for this country than Reagan ever did!) The USSR collapsed under it own weight of policies that ignored reality, (like the US is now) and Reagan had little to nothing to do with it. Don't you have more important things to do? Are you going to actually be useful to this state, or just parrot and champion all the failed, unworkable GOP crap you think those in trouble want to hear? Policies that has ruined this country for the past 30 years. If you're not going to move forward, but just muse nostalgic about the GOP's fail past, pretending it has a chance of working, then just get out of the way and let someone with ideas try to do something useful.
  • jane Sides commented on 6/16/2010
    Has anyone who say's they are for this health care bill, really read the bill which is many thousands of pages? Didn't think so? So do your home work before commenting. I read the first bill which was over a thousand pages and did not like any of it. If it is so good why does the president, congress,and senate not put themselves on it, they have the power to do so. Well, guess what they have all put themselves above the laws they make for the American people, and I for one am tired of it and all the other corruption that is going on in Washington DC. America,s way is not socialism, it's work hard and make your own future not ride on the back of hard working American's tax dollars and that what the president is tring to do. By the way the only money the fed's have are our tax dollars and I for one am tired of mine being spent to keep everyone else up.
  • Jim Moore commented on 6/19/2010
    Repealing healthcare. I have never been able to get you to answer this question. When healthcare was being voted on you said if it's passed then our government leaders should be forced to have the same healthcare. Now you are wanting to repeal it, all for show I think. So I'll ask you the question again. If healthcare is repealed will you get our of your government run healthcare program (which you love) and join me where my insurance company tells me which Dr.s I can see and can't see, the cost getting higher and higher every year, and when your retired that really makes if rough. So how about it Mr. McHenry, if you support repeal of healthcare will you get out of your government run healthcare system?
  • Telephone Answering Service Last Name commented on 7/6/2010
    It’s really so nice post! Congressman McHenry, Thank you for voting against Obama care. I appreciate you answer about repealing "Obama care", but are you willing to stand up for what you say you believe? If you have the Faith in your beliefs, we have the strength to support you, but if you become one of "them", you will no longer represent the voters of the 10th district.
  • tungsten bands commented on 7/23/2010
    Thank you so much for your excellent voting record. Welcome to our webside.
  • Irina Maia commented on 7/28/2010
    Nice post Congressman McHenry, Thank you for voting against Obama care, Even though Obama is popular. Warmly, Irina Maia
  • Brenda Queen commented on 7/29/2010
    Do you have healthcare for you and your family? We deserve it-we have been without it for a long time and we worked years for the companies and paid insurance companies -when you lose your job -its gone-who wouldn't want it? If you are rich I don't quess you need it.
  • Derby Valentino Perez Valentino Perez commented on 8/7/2010
    You 100% right with Health care should be the decision of the people with there doctors, and what about jobs, Ive been out of work 2 years, when do you think its going to get better, congressman?
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