Gaston residents quiz McHenry on national health care bill

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Posted by on August 19, 2009

CHERRYVILLE - Chuck Costner doesn't think his father would be alive today if America had nationalized health care.

His father, Charles Sr., had triple-bypass surgery at Gaston Memorial Hospital last August -- two days after he went to his doctor and complained of dizziness. In countries with socialized medicine, Costner said, the average wait to see a cardiologist or other specialist is six weeks.

"I don't seriously think he would have made the six weeks," said Costner, a farrier from Kings Mountain. "If the government controls your health care, then they control your life, and they know it."

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  • Wayne Canipe commented on 2/5/2010
    You are exactly right my friend. This whole debate on health care is really about control. Control over my life and your life. This country can not stand for it. We must continue to let our voices be heard. Keep up the good fight and I will too.
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