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McHenry Statement on Obama's Executive Action on Immigration

Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry (NC-10) released the following statement on President Barack Obama's announcement of executive action on immigration: “This evening we have once again seen a President more focused on pursuing divisive political gimmicks as opposed to sound policy and the wishes of the American people. President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration is not just illegal, as he himself has acknowledged on numerous occasions in the past, but more importantly, it does nothing to actually fix our nation’s broken immigration system; in fact, it makes the situation worse. “If the President were actually committed to getting something done, he would work with Congress to find a bipartisan solution that secures our nation’s borde... Read More >


Voting Record

Date Bill Vote
11/20 H.R. 4795 Aye
11/20 H.R. 4795 No
11/19 H.R. 4012 Aye
11/19 H.R. 4012 No
11/18 H.R. 1422 Aye
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